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Warner Advanced Mystery Operation

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Some things just don't add up. I picked up some Warner Home Video DVDs dated 1997 at my local video store yesterday, but one of them, My Fellow Americans, had its master dated 2002 when I looked it up in MakeMKV! I know for sure Michael, another of the bunch, has a master date of 1997, and so I compared their inner rings and discovered a WAMO logo on the 2002 disc and no WAMO logo on the 1997 disc. And yet, both of them were dated 1997 on the packaging, and the 2002 disc looked exactly the same as it would've back in 1997! Extremely puzzling... this new development is going to make our search for discs with original masters quite a bit harder, especially since many of their flipper discs had the relevant area covered by an inner label.

I'll post a thread a bit later on with confirmed master dates for old DVDs based on what I presently have, and those newer masters don't count even if they're technically the same release, they have to have been mastered around the time of their release.
I suspect the discs were "reprinted", using old covers and/or disc labels.

But experts should eventually confirm this.
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If optical media is anything like vinyl then the 'stampers' which press the data have a finite lifespan and must be replaced. The variations may be related in the same way that vinyl LPs have different matrix numbers depending on 1st pressings, reissues etc.
It happened again: a 1997 DVD of Bonnie and Clyde with a master dated 1999--on both fullscreen and widescreen sides!

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