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[proposal] Robotech: The Movie in full 1080p HD

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After reading about a DVD-quality restoration project for "Robotech: The Movie" undertaken by an OT user called "heartbreaker", I figured I should take things to the next level by doing a restoration in full 1080p HD. I have no illusions whatsoever that it'll be easy, but that's never stopped me before, so I'll do whatever it takes to make a 1080p restoration of a true Cannon film (as labeled by the great Menahem Golan, may he rest in peace).
What would be the source of your 1080p version? Aren't you also working on a complete Dollar Trilogy release? How many hours do you sleep per day? Big Grin
I'm trying to get the sources for that one. As for this one, I'm hoping to get some hard-to-get raw (so to speak) footage for the opening and closing sequences from the guy soon, and as for the Megazone 23 and Southern Cross parts, I was thinking of getting the best sources available for that. NNEDI3 will be involved, no doubt about that.
Well, there's a big disappointment. Heartbreaker got rid of most of his raw materials. So, I'm going to have to do some dumpster diving, and it could take a while by the looks of it--the materials I'd been hoping to get ahold of are not very easy to get. Thankfully, the good news is I might not have to do as much work with NNEDI3 as I'd thought.

In any case, there's also the matter of getting a Cannon film ripped from a Blu-ray, to harvest its logo. I guess I'll take the first Blu-based Cannon logo I can, provided it ain't Scope. Needless to say, I do plan on including this film as part of my planned Gold Standard Collection (tentative name), probably as No. 13 (I'm including the complete directorial filmography of Sergio Leone, including his sword-and-sandal film "Il colosso di Rodi" and the two Spaghetti Westerns in which he had smaller involvement, "Il mio nome รจ Nessuno" and "Un genio, due compari, un pollo"--this one'd be No. 14 if I were to count "Gli ultimi giorni di Pompei", his unofficial debut, in which he filled in for the director after he had been taken ill).
Considering, similar to how Megazone 23 was finished in 35mm and Southern Cross in 16mm, the former has a Blu-ray release but the latter does not, I think, stylistically speaking, the best approach would be to do a simple upscale for Southern Cross footage, so as to preserve the effect caused by mixing native 35mm footage with blowups from 16mm. What do you guys think?

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