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Released Alien (1979) [Fundamental Collection™ #001]
(2018-04-11, 03:43 AM)Hudson32 Wrote: Is this still available? it looks so good. never been a fan of the new color on the blu rays.

This really isn't what a first post in a forum should be. Maybe try participation so people get to know you. If that's not your thing this site may not be for you.

For new members: Please do not ask where to get something. Participate in the forum, talk to people, make friends. Then someone will help you find what you want.
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Something that I noticed is that the POV Helmet shots need to be zoomed in a bit as this exposes it's not inside a helmet..

we can see outside the rim of the prop clamped to the camera and it breaks the illusion.


Or fill the areas outside the rim in black it's obviously formatted for 4:3 or 1:33

Anyway this film could also do with an ultimate cut in my opinion. There is quite a bit of scope for a better version than any official version I won't bother with details but more psychological and a few fixes is where it's at for this film.
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This isn't really the thread to discuss a fanedit. It may not even be the forum, to be honest...
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Well, surely not the right thread, still the right forum! Smile
Fundamental collection thread | Vimeo channel | My personal blog
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I finally got around to watching Aliien last night, first of the Alien saga I've seen if you exclude Prometheus, so glad I was able to find a copy of the Fundemental Collection 'in the wild'!
The very first screenshot comparison with the bluray sold me, no disgusting blue tint, please Smile
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