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[Released] Timeline (2003) [Fundamental Collection™ #010]
Timeline (2003) [Fundamental Collection™ #010]

[Image: Timeline_cover.jpg]

From the back cover: “The movie was released only in Italy, Japan and Spain on Blu-ray, and there are no plans about future releases in other countries. It was filmed in Super 35mm, and in this edition you have the opportunity to watch it in full open matte; at the contrary of the original aspect ratio of 2.35:1 as intended by the director to be seen in the theaters, here you get a 1.78:1 frame, with no image loss at both sides, and with more details on top and bottom, leaving no black borders when viewed on any 16:9 display.

Original source was the 2K scan of the original negative; colors and contrast were slightly tweaked, and a real 35mm grain plate was added at the end, to improve the video quality; this is, so far, the best HD open matte version of Timeline available!

As usual, multiple languages tracks are present – DTS for English, and DD for French, German, Italian and Spanish audio, full subtitles for all the languages, plus forced ones for German, Italian and Spanish, specially made for this edition.”

Screenshot comparison: top Blu-ray, bottom Fundamental Collection

[Image: Timeline_001505.jpg]

[Image: Timeline_049255.jpg]

[Image: Timeline_092657.jpg]

[Image: Timeline_118500.jpg]

Technical data


Blu-ray (BD-25)


1080p High-Definition
fullscreen 1.78:1 open matte
framerate 23.976fps
AVC encoded 22.5mpbs avg bitrate, 40mpbs max


DTS 5.1: ENG



Full open matte 2K master from Super 35mm original negative

Release date: 2017-04-13

The whole movie in an image:
Thanks given by: whatchitfoool
Thanks to a member help, I have the luck to find out another open matte HDTV broadcast recording of this movie; this time is from a French TV; it has about 5% more image on all borders, colors are slightly different, and maybe few details preserved; another interesting thing is it doesn't have the forced subs...

Even if nobody seems to care to this film, I do, and I'm thinking to improve it further using this source:
- overlap the images to get more details and less noise
- mix the colors to get a better balance
- include the added details on the border to get a bigger image
- use the non-subbed image to get "clean" version

Thanks given by:
Thanks given by:
Thanks for the images! Ok
Thanks given by:
man, I just grabbed your old release last week!
Thanks given by:
You did a wise choice... but if you liked it, you would like the new version even more! Big Grin
Thanks given by:
Can you explain your intended workflow? I think there are tips within that I could learn from.

how do you plan on matching the pictures perfectly, especially if framing changes between shots?
Thanks given by:
Indeed I still have to check if the whole film has the same framing size/position.

If so, I would use previous source placed as a "patch" overlaid in the center of the new one with larger frame.
But they should be color matched to get a proper overlay that would pass unnoticed, because without that, you will get a center part with different colors from the border - not the nicer thing... Big Grin
Thanks given by:
Which BD was used for this project - Italian or Japan and how does the spanish BD (it's OAR) compare to this?
Thanks given by:
Various BD for the audio tracks; Spanish for comparison as on first post.
Thanks given by:

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