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Evil Dead Regrade (Japanese Herald Laserdisc)
(2018-10-31, 10:26 PM)spoRv Wrote: I think that OAR was 1.33:1, while IAR was 1.66:1 (or 1.85:1, perhaps?)

At least in Germany, the Theatrical release is stated to be in 1.37:1, on the ofdb.
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Now that you wrote that, it should be 1.37:1 Academy AR - I always forget about this, considering all "full screen" to be 1.33:1, and "wide screen" 2.35/2.39/2.40:1 the same - usually tending to mention film based as 2.35:1 and digital ones as 2.40:1... this whole "aspect ratio affaire" needs a well written thread on its own... anyone? Smile
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(2018-10-31, 05:50 AM)Dek Rollins Wrote: I don't think it's been brought up over here yet, but the UHD of Evil Dead has fewer digital changes than the 1080p BD.


"Just watched it. Looks like this is a combination of the altered and untampered version. All moon shots remain fixed. Rob Tapert in the background is still digitally editied out. Things they left unchaged are the lens flares that were painted out on the blu-ray. The lights painted out in the background when they discovered the bridge is destroyed are left unaltered. The crew member's reflection in the cabin window is back!

PQ is great btw. Glad they kept the OAR. Too bad about the extras."

Definitely useful if someone can rip the UHD disc, but I guess it's up to you whether or not it's worth the effort. I was actually gonna rip it myself but didn't realize my BD burner was on firmware 1.03, so it won't even recognize the disc. Sad

Thanks for the heads up Dek. That is truly bizarre that it is the same master but not all the fixes have been applied. Not sure how that happens.

Regardless I have a copy of the UHD but was pretty far along with my existing regrade project as is. So I might have to insert the footage or start over. Not sure yet.
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So I'm going to quickly apologize in advance for making this tangent post since I don't feel like this thing alone is worth a separate thread all of its own.

(2017-08-05, 03:43 AM)Its_Auto Wrote: [Image: wjkILBH.png]

 The left is my Palace VHS, centre the Herald Videogram LD, and right is a German lobby card... The lobby card taken from a 35mm print certainly looks to be half way between the two.

I took notice of this post from a bit back and I decided to take a little bit of time to try and grade that clip of the movie so that it'd look closer to the color grading of the German Lobby Card with "okay" results (I also cropped it from the O.A.R. or 4:3 to the supposed theatrical 5:3 widescreen aspect ratio).

I haven't been able to exactly replicate it, unfortunately, probably due to my inexperience with color grading and lack of the proper software perhaps, but it's certainly along the lines of the lobby card colors I think. Not enough blue and a tad too exposed though, or so I think, I'm not entirely sure. I'm using the more-recent HD transfer of the movie that came with the 4K Blu-ray so maybe that's contributing to the problem.

Also I don't know why I noticed this only now but for some reason the audio is stupidly out of sync.
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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LucasGodzilla, happy to see you are starting your first project! (right?)

It will take (a lot of) time and some (much) effort to get good results, but it will be rewarding... do not give up! Ok
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