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Original Toy Story theatrical trailer--IN 3D

What I would like to do is to recreate the above trailer faithfully using clips from the 3D Blu-ray, as soon as I can acquire it. I will also need someone better at 3D graphics than I for certain elements, including the film title coming in during the sequence depicting Buzz "flying" (or, as Woody put it at the time, "falling with style"). As for the PIXAR logo and the final tag, I think I can do them myself. In fact, I believe those will be the first elements I'll be able to acquire in HD at present.

When this project gets underway, I'll do different versions of the 3D recreation, including with different Disney or PIXAR logos, mainly for purposes of experimentation.
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You mean you want to render the clip from scratch using 3D animation software?
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I mean I want to reassemble it using clips from the 3D Blu-ray. That's the easy part. It's the titles where I'm going to run into trouble.
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