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Recommended BMD setup for color grading
Don't forget Spyder4 and Spyder5 colorimeter - the latter is better, but the former should do; can't say if they are best than the ones you (poita) suggested, though.
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I just found a good resource to use:

I believe I should start around page 19, where the section "DaVinci Resolve for Windows" begins. I already know I'm going to need at least one DVI port, for the GUI monitor, and at least a USB port, preferably USB 3, for the UltraStudio SDI console. As for the monitors, the GUI monitor will need a DVI port, and the grading monitor will require an HD-SDI port. I might also buy some reasonably-priced THX-certified speakers for hooking up to the UltraStudio SDI console.
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Just a bronze-sized heads-up in consideration of hardware and things to be aware of for future-proofing (and, yes, the future is about to come crashing in):

Blu-ray Forum - The first UHD Blu-ray drive
(discussion from Jan.2017 to present)

Prepare to check your specs on your motherboard, graphics card(s), HDMI ports, monitor(s), firmware upgrades, software versions ... over 20 pages worth!   Cry
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