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Aliens (1986) [Fundamental Collection™ #002] V2

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Yes it would be awesome to have an open rip!
I'm a fan of this film since 1988, when I saw it in VHS. I have the new version director approved but it's not the same thing with the new colors Sad
Hello, info for download link?
Hi newbie, there are no links to be find here, check out the rules. Happy new year!
(2020-12-31, 10:33 PM)Stamper Wrote: Ciao principiante, non ci sono link da trovare qui, controlla le regole. Felice anno nuovo!

Hello, I'm new here and I think I missed out on downloading this when it first came out. Could someone help me retrieve this project please? Thanks!
Please read the rules before asking for downloads.
(2021-08-25, 06:54 PM)Hitcher Wrote: Please read the rules before asking for downloads.
Thanks for the reply. I understand that no direct links are allowed, but I was hoping someone could direct me to how to get the project without using a direct link.
You need to participate more before asking.

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