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[Released] Aliens (1986) [Fundamental Collection™ #002] V2
Aliens (1986) [Fundamental Collection™ #002] V2

[Image: Aliens_cover.jpg]

From the back cover: “Latest Blu-ray editions of “Aliens” have very good resolution, but they received a new color treatment, and almost everything is green tinted… In this edition, we used the same master found in the PAL LD, taken from the interpositive, as color reference, using our proprietary technique ColourMatch™, to obtain a more balanced image, closer to the theatrical representation, according to our renowned expert.

We also added the usual multiple languages tracks – English, French, German, Italian and Spanish – along with an English commentary as special bonus tracks; subtitles for all the languages, plus French, German and Italian for the commentary.”

Screenshot comparison: top Blu-ray, bottom Fundamental Collection

[Image: Aliens_026479.jpg]

[Image: Aliens_063259.jpg]

[Image: Aliens_177122.jpg]

[Image: Aliens_182541.jpg]

Technical data


Blu-ray (BD-25)


1080p High-Definition
widescreen 1.85:1 original aspect ratio
framerate 23.976fps
AVC encoded 18mpbs avg bitrate, 38.5mpbs max


DTS 5.1: English, French, German, Italian
DD 5.1: Spanish
Bonus tracks: DD 2.0 English commentary


Full: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Commentary: French, German, Italian


2K master from original negative for main video; LD master from interpositive used as color reference with acclaimed ColourMatch™ regrading technique

Release date: 2017-04-19

The whole movie in an image:

V1 Vs V2:
Thanks given by: jedi55 , lawgiver , acidzero , Inq81
Was watching the film earlier last week, I think the different shot in the laserdisc, is actually taken from earlier in the film, so it must be an authoring mistake or fix. maybe there was a scratch or a defect on the master, so they replaced the spaceship shot with one from earlier in the movie. Perhaps it would be better if you get the real shot back.
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I'll check it, thanks! Ok

Apart that, what do you think about colors?
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Love it!
Thanks given by:
THANKS! Big Grin
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OK, checked the shot, and it's not the same from previous scene - actually, the laserdisc version "flows" well with the previous shot before Bishop, apart few frames missing... I guess this is a continuos shot, that, for some reason, has to have removed few frames due to whatever reason - that's why there is Bishop inbetween... a bit like Star Wars shot in the hangar, where a person passing in the front of the camera was used to hide the ruined frames. Just a theory, of course! Anyway, it's not a duplicate shot, so I think I'll leave it in - it's nice to have a touch of laserdisc inside one of my projects! Wink
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I don't know anything about this substitute shot.
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
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@all: ooops, I mixed the threads... Tongue the replaced shot is NOT on V2, but only on V1

@Evit: it is at 01:48:39 - comparison clip here (left BD, right LD)
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Is there an open matte ALIENS somewhere?
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Aliens was filmed in hard matte for the majority of the the film, so there can't be an open matte
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Looking For:
Alien 1999 Master Japanese BSHI Broadcast 1080i mid 2000s
Blade Runner DC US HDTV Broadcast 1080i 2005 (blade.runner.1080i.dd5.1.oar)
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