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Itzalive Shadoe Masters™
To whomever it may concern:

Due to a equipment failure, I am just now getting back to working on things, getting back online, and getting back to any projects that I have ongoing...

Between very little time, my machine finally taking a shit, and lack of enough funds to replace the equipment fast enough, I am just now in the position of being able to respond to any online messages or post updates on forums...

For the time-being, I have managed to get my old machine working again (after another power supply purchase and restoration of backup of windows [the registry there took a massive dump at one point and gave me the BSOD repeatedly])

Honestly, even though I got this thing to run again, that doesn't really matter... WHY? Because what I need to do with my projects can be done with this machine but will just take too damn long and I don't have the spare time for all of that non-sense right now. However, I will be able to build a custom machine just for projects within the next 6-8 weeks, at which point I will be able to get a lot done faster... I still intend on finishing ALL of my projects that I have already started because too much time has been invested into them to not finish them now...

I will NOT be taking on ANY new projects within the next year or so, this much I'm sure of. (those of you that have already contacted me in the past about help are NOT part of this) Does this mean that I will not attempt any other new projects in the future? NO! But for now, I want to finish what I started and there is a lot of that. Hopefully the new machine will help speed up this process, but a lot of the progress is going to be dependent on my work schedule...

I know it looks like I've been full of "hot air" of the last few months and haven't really delivered on any new releases yet, for which I apologize to those that are awaiting for those to become available, but I promise that a lot will be released from me before the year is over Wink


P.S. Any of my friends here on the forum that wish to "catch up" in private, are now welcome to PM me and I'll respond within 24 hours again Wink
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I'm still alive, in case anyone is wondering...

Still working on my projects, although at a much slower pace than before due to health reasons.

I am hoping to have (not necessarily in this order) Top Gun open-matte, Maya the Bee series, New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The Devil's Advocate, My Best Friend's Wedding workprint, Fox's Perter Pan and the Pirates, and the Frankenstein audio reconstruction; all completed before the end of the year. For now, these are the only projects that I'm actively working on. Yes, there were others that I have in various stages of completion, but if I try to work on everything, then nothing will ever get finished.

At this point, I feel like I lost all credibility here, because I haven't been able to meet my own deadlines on projects for nearly the last couple of years. To those of you that have been my friends and confidants since before this forum even existed, I thank you for your patience and appreciate the fact that y'all know how these things can go. But, when it comes to anyone that has joined within the last 18 months or so, nearly none of you know me and it looks like I'm just a member that put out some projects years ago and then became a massive flake. But... this will change within the next few weeks/months, I promise you that...

Now it's time for me to catch up on a few months worth of threads, lol Tongue
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[Image: itsalive.jpg]
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Grazi Andrea Big Grin
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Welcome back again...again..again Jerry. Smile

Rest assured your rep is fine.
New members: Please do not post or PM asking where to get something. Projects are for long term, participating members only. Stick around and make some friends
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I know... lol... again, and again....

I'm honestly going to be more active in forum again... Reading through stuff now (even commenting on some of it) and looking forward to posting some update on my works, plus (FINALLY) releasing some looooooooong overdue stuff (although the fact that I didn't finish some stuff is a plus, due to new superior sources surfacing for some of it)
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