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The Lost Room

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The Lost Room (2006) had a rubbish dvd release back in the day.  So of course the best going around for awhile were HDTV rips.
the best rip that I ever found is around 4.3gb per part (1 of 3),.Im away from my main computer to check the details of the files.

Does anyone know of a better copy?  EDIT: I know a new webrip as appeared within the last year or so.  Good to finally see it at least streaming for the public.
I'll get the amzn webrip and compare to the sources.
The mini-series is absolutely fantastic BTW for anyone that hasn't seen it.
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4.3GB for 90m, if AVC, is better than few other longer movies I've seen at similar size; if it's not full action (as I suppose), it *could* possibly nice, and most probably better than the web downloads, which usually have a lower bitrate; combining both could gives you a better result.
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