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Hahahahaaa LOL didn't mean it that way. Just wondering if a PanUp would reveal more of the master Wink
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If the original scan wasn't 4k you wouldn't be getting 4k out of it though, I think. I think blending can work only when the original master was in the target resolution to begin with, so for example if a master used for various PAL/NTSC DVDs was HD.
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This master was 16/9 HD so it has some extra resolution not available I think on the releases.

It's probably closer to 2.5K+

Van Ling tells about it in the Xtreme booklet.
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Still on Terminator, I was thinking of restoring T3 with the correct framing in the opening scene, using the open matte version.
Could anyone having a PC and VideoRedo just replace the part if I send the elements? As I don't have a PC.

Basically it's a simple preservation, the moment the TX arrives will just have to be replaced with the open matte, matted in 2.39:1 to match.

I can provide the open matte correctly matted in H264 to get the moment replaced.

Anyone in for that easy swap?
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