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Released Harry Potter saga - open matte
Andrea, really impressive effort. I was going through The Philosopher's Stone just now. Looks sharp. I don't think you need to change the colours to warm. The current colour tone looks closer to the 35mm prints, with deep greens and blues and golden tones. No need to change it to the teal look that you have tested in that screenshot comparison. However, personally I found the added grain plate to be a bit too intrusive on the otherwise pristine looking image. Real film grain does not look like an overlay. Well lit portions on film do not have much visible grain. It is only the darker areas of the frame that have discernible grain. Here, the grain appears uniform on all parts of the image. If you can find the time, do a Ver. 2, with less grain and I think it should be perfect. All the best to your projects!

P.S: The contrast is also perfect. No need to change that.
Thanks given by: TomArrow , spoRv
I just want to say that I'm waiting for the remastered versions no less than the originals sometime before. Let everything will turn out. Smile
Thanks given by:

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