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Stripes - Theatrical cut (including original European dubs)

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Stripes - Theatrical cut
In Europe Stripes was only released in HD in its extended edition (which I call the bloated edition) with new dubbings for each country. I'm working on a release of the theatrical cut of the film that will also include original audio tracks in French, Italian, German and Spanish and some color tweaks where needed, if possible.

- Stripes extended cut Blu Ray
- Stripes theatrical cut (amazon-produced barebone Blu-Ray from a VOD version, presumably)
- original European dubs from either Netflix, DVDs or VHS (depending on availability).

Proposed final format:
Video: 1080p, 23.976fps.
Audio (all in 2.0 dolby digital 384kbps): original stereo mix in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish + new European dubs from 2005 + Audio commentary 192kbps.
Subtitles: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish + audio commentary subtitles.
I'm planning a digital release for this title.
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I have the German LD with the German Title Card "Ich glaub' mich knutscht ein Elch".
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
(2017-05-13, 08:30 AM)MrBrown Wrote: I have the German LD with the German Title Card "Ich glaub' mich knutscht ein Elch".

Sourced from 35mm or redone electronically like it was for the LD release of Escape From NY?
(2017-05-13, 09:30 AM)Evit Wrote:
(2017-05-13, 08:30 AM)MrBrown Wrote: I have the German LD with the German Title Card "Ich glaub' mich knutscht ein Elch".

Sourced from 35mm or redone electronically like it was for the LD release of Escape From NY?

I won't say electronical like the EfNY.
I'll upload the smalls ample with the Title today... and.. a mixed experiment of english and german audio track from that. Big Grin
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
Excellent, so I can verify that the German audio I have access to is indeed the same.
For that I'll provide a better exsample... I just noticed that the image is a bit stretched, and not completely grabbed, but for the "text" insert check this should work.
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
Anybody owns the poster for this film or knows where I can find a high-res scan of it? I'm talking about this one http://www.theartofmovieposters.com/ForS...TRIPES.jpg
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I'm doing a little search on fonts and colors, trying to investigate on how it originally looked in the theaters and, like it often happens, the simplest of the projects turn out to be the biggest head-scratch.

Here's the many versions I had access to so far.

Blu Ray - extended cut (2012), clearly this version was restored from negatives and they didn't use an interpositive so credits had to be re-done entirely and digitally. They are very steady and it's baffling how they don't fit well with the grainy background (at least to me).
[Image: blu_ray_1.png]
[Image: blu_ray_2.png]

DVD PAL - extended cut (2005) although it's still the same extended cut later published also on Blu-Ray, my Italian DVD shows a slightly different font (notice the "Q"). Like most DVDs it comes from a US master. We believe this to be the theatrical font.
[Image: DVD1.png]
[Image: DVD2.png]
You might think that the extended edition came from the same restoration but apparently not! Same extended cut, different fonts. Why?!?

Mysterious Italian video from the Internet, My friend Leo found this low quality version (again, in Italian) on the internet. It features the Italian subtitle "un plotone di svitati" in what appears to be a more pinkish tone. We have no idea where this came from (not the Italian DVD, nor the VHS tape I think) but it features the same font as the DVD (what we believe to be the theatrical font)
[Image: Italian1.png]
[Image: Italian2.png]

German Laserdisc (1990) - thanks Mr Brown-, theatrical cut with an even more extreme pink tone but that could be an effect of the transfer. Here the letter Q seems to belong to yet another font!
[Image: LD1.png]
[Image: LD2.png]
The existance of the German version makes little sense. Ignoring the color, why would the Germans re-do all the intro credits from scratch in order to put the German title but everything else is written in English?

Not confused enough yet? Well, Netflix version is the "original cut" (including fade-in and fade-outs that could not be worked out of the extended edition) so you would think this had the theatrical credits... Well, guess again!i. It shows the same font seen in the restored Blu Ray extrended edition that was digitally re-done
[Image: Netflix1.png]
[Image: Netflix2.png]

Which font belongs to the true theatrical version?
I've just ordered the Italian VHS tape which could be a direct transfer from the Italian 35mm print. I'll add pictures once I receive it. I'm also curious to post pictures from the 2016 amazon-produced Blu Ray that Mr.Brown acquired. The quest for theatrical Stripes goes on.
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Maybe the pink tone in the German Version is no faulty color, and they redone the complete set of credits to have this same color overall.

Also, IIRC, back in days it was not uncommon to have not just a German title card, but also German texts at "Directed by" or "Music", and they only got a plain textless intro for the localization, and so they did the intro for the German Version from scratch...
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
If they had a textless intro (like I also believe they had) why is only the title of the film in German and everything else is in English (directed by etc)? Why not translate everything including "Columbia presents", "directed by", etc...?

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