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La femme Nikita Besson multi-mixes
(2017-05-14, 08:10 PM)captainsolo Wrote: This film is a 2 channel Dolby SR matrix film as far as I know. The best sound I've heard is my remastered letterboxed LD which is far better than the 5.1 upmix.

Most films after '77 started going to matrixed stereo and by the mid 80's practically everything but low budget films were Dolby stereo. SR came about in '89 and was really a big leap forward in terms of quality for general 35mm release audio. Later optical tracks even into the 90's still carried SR encoding and modern Dolby decoders still have SR for film presentations.

As said above you just have to check tracks and credits as there weren't flags until DVD and those were barely ever used.

Die hard is Dolby stereo so check the 35mm original mix against say for example Licence to Kill's original mix which is an early SR release. SR remained dominant until a few years after ac3 premiered.
Die hard had a six track mix.

The UK blu has a 2.0 pcm mix
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(2017-05-21, 08:21 PM)dvdmike Wrote: Die hard had a six track mix.
The UK blu has a 2.0 pcm mix

I was giving an example of comparing a very good DS track to a later SR one. If Disclord's theory was correct, Die Hard got its 70mm blowup and beefed up 6 track audio after test screenings went well.

Thanks, I didn't realize Nikita had a modern release without the 5.1 remix.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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