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Record Laserdisc digital audio via spdif in

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Hello !

This my first time posting here Smile

I have just acquired a new usb card with a spdif in which I want to use to capture digital audio streams ( PCM ) from Laserdisc in the future.

The soundcard I bought is the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD:


The good thing about the card is that as soon as I connected my Laserdisc's digital output to the soundcard's spdif input the "Creative
Audio Control Panel" immediately recognized that there was a 44.1 khz signal at the spdif input.

However when I tried recording the file using the software that came along with the card it recorded the PCM stream at 48 khz.
It sounds great in my opinion however I would prefer recording it at 44.1 khz.

Can anyone recommand a specific software for this purpose ?
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Welcome aboard!
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I know used Audactiy with the settings set at 44.1 khz and 16 bit. It seems to yield good results. However it seems to lack dynamics but I am not entirely sure.
I did not change any other settings in Audactiy.
If you have also a video capture card, try VirtualDub; the laserdisc video will help you also to put the audio in sync with other sources like BD, DVD etc.
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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I do not want to rip the video of any disc. I only find that interesting for titles unavailable on any other medium.

I have just processed my ripped PCM streams using ReplayGain. Now they sound fine. I just wonder why it is a bit quiet but it
is not really bothering me.
I wrote a little guide for capturing with X-Fi cards for another member - perhaps it will give you some additional points to check:


As for why the captures are quiet, I've found that many earlier titles (particularly pre-1990) are mastered at a mysteriously low digital level. Here's Superman, for instance:

[Image: Supermanstereo.jpg]

I'm no fan of brickwalling, but this is nowhere near the dynamic range that could have been achieved. It's a tough call what to do in these cases - edit and use it as-is (leaving your HT processor to do the hard work) or normalise? I've tried both but don't feel good about either ;-)
Jonno, great guide! You should start a new thread in the Restoration guides:

Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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I notice that some LD PCM audio rips in are 48kHz even if the source obviously is 44.1kHz. Why is that?
I know that converting from 44.1 to 48 - and of course vice versa - harms sound quality, since 48 is not multiple of 44.1.
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Most people including myself convert the 44.1 to 48 so that its compatible with the Blu-ray format. The BD standard does not include the old 44.1 (LDs and CDs), so if you want to play it on a BD player you have to convert to 48. The only way you can use a 44.1 soundtrack synced to BD video is by playing it on a computer.
...and the quality loss it's really, really low - unnoticeable by anyone, I guess!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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