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Dunkirk in 70mm

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Thus far, the U.S. of A. has 12 locations confirmed for 70mm presentation of Christopher Nolan's new film, Dunkirk:

• AMC Universal CityWalk IMAX (Los Angeles, CA) IMAX 15/70
• AMC CityPlace 20 (West Palm Beach, FL)
• The Somerville Theatre (MA)
• Willow Creek (Plymouth, MN)
• The Hollywood Theatre (Portland, OR)
• Virginia Theater (Champaign IL)
• The Music Box Theater (Chicago, IL)
• Lincoln Square Cinemas (Bellevue, WA)
• Grand Lake (Oakland, CA)
• Seattle Cinerama (Seattle, WA)
• Esquire IMAX (Sacramento, California)
IMAX 15/70
• Colorado Center (__)
IMAX 15/70

Locations confirmed for Europe:

Arcadia Cinema, Melzo-Milan
ASTOR Grand Cinema, Hannover
BFI IMAX (London) IMAX 15/70
Imperial Bio, Copenhagen

Lichtburg, Essen
• Odeon Leicester Sq. (London)
Savoy, Hamburg,
Schauburg Cinerama, Karlsruhe
Zoo Palast, Berlin

Locations confirmed for Australia:

The Sun Theater, Yarraville
• IMAX Melbourne

There may be more to come, I'll keep this forum posted as I learn of more. I'm especially interested to know if Opry Mills in Nashville is going to play it in 15/70.
Usually these screenings aren't anywhere near me... But there's actually a showing within a reasonable driving distance! Wahoo!
The many formats of Dunkirk

[Image: CaPY7jL.jpg]
2K DCP it is then Sad
PDB, that image should be in a sticky thread somewhere!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Maybe in the From Film to Delivery Thread? That 6k for 35mm, even an OCN, is way too generous.
(2017-07-06, 03:54 PM)PDB Wrote: Maybe in the From Film to Delivery Thread? That 6k for 35mm, even a OCN, is way to generous.

Yep, exactly!

About 6k for 35mm OCN: I'd even go with 8k, if money/time is not a concern... the fact is, I suspect, studios would play with this to get always new customers... "see? Now we have a 4k scan from negative"... and the year after: "with new technology, we are able to scan it at 6k", then "brand new 8k scan" etc. - sky's the limit! Big Grin

Can't wait to see 8k delivery medium with a 16/18k scan of an IMAX OCN - you would be forced to sit at 2 feet/60cm from your brand new 8k 65' UHDTV display, but you will be able to spot any hair and pore of your favourite actress! Happy
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
The film resolution quotes pixels not line resolution, it's just not made particularly clear.
As for 8K/16K photography in the future, the limiting factor will be lenses. IMAX/70mm lenses are crazy expensive
That's ridiculous. The number of formats and venue formats is insane. Also, what was this finished as digitally for the effects?
2K, 4K, 6K or 8K?
Also most IMAX theaters had their 15/70 projectors removed after TDKR. (which was a disappointing show at the Opry Mills Regal anyway)

I truly hate the IMAX format. Stupid to use as it wasn't designed for features.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
It was finished chemically given that its Nolan and the IMAX is as close as you can get to the original vision. Any cgi and I doubt there is much was probably finished at the max res.

I'm hoping like Interstellar I can get to see as many formats as possible. I got to IMAX 15/70, IMAX laser and 35 for that. For Dunkirki have access to all those formats and now regular 70 this time.

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