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"Scrubs" coming to Comedy Central in Widescreen and HD

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On May 29, Comedy Central will be airing a marathon of Scrubs episodes. (Possibly more after the marathon as well??) The clips of the show used in the promo for the marathon were in widescreen, leading me to believe these episodes will be broadcast that way. Scrubs was one of those shows that was framed for 4:3 broadcast, but protected for the widescreen format. The clips from the promos appeared to have the frames opened up horizontally.

The only seasons currently available in widescreen (as far as I know) are Season 8 and 9.

My question is... Is anyone out there capable of (or even interested in) capturing these episodes? Ordinarily I would not ask, but I don't have the technological capabilities to do so myself.

EDIT: If this is not in the correct thread I do apologize!
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I love Scrubs, I think I saw all the episodes (many more than once), so I'd be happy to see them preserved in widescreen.

Hope someone would capture all of them!

P.S. Try to ask also on OT and Myspleen, who knows?
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Will do! I'll certainly make my way over to those other places and make my request there.
Well, that gives me reason to rewatch whole series for like 4th time, awesome! Big Grin
Sorry to hear it's stretched and cropped...
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
There's a show I'm looking for in widescreen too, WISEGUY. Sadly, no capture anywhere, we just have the bad DVDs.
At least the DVDs have most of the original music from the broadcasts. I know the Netfilx (and probably Hulu) versions changed quite a bit due to the licensing issues.
They do exist in widescreen though, here's a screenshot from season 5: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparis...?id=141640
I had one for the pilot episode as well but can't seem to find it anywhere Undecided
Scrubs was shot 16:9 proof as far as I know, there are shots in HD from Season 1 in ending of Season 8 or something.
All shows basically from the early 60's on were shot widescreen proof. That's why they are all being converted!

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