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Released The Warriors (1979) Theatrical Cut HDTV [preservation]
Yea, it's out there (usenet) although what I have seen of it think your project may be slightly better.
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Never left a review for this before, but, needless to say, it's a keeper! Had an iTunes cap of the same cut, but this is much higher bitrate and has great grain retention. Surprisingly it's comparable to my eyes to the BD in terms of detail despite being less than 10 GB, so kudos on the stellar encoding, zoidberg. The master admittedly looks dated, but this seems to be a fairly accurate representation of it. Thank you especially for re-instating the spotlight shot from the DVD.

Long story short, this is my go-to version of The Warriors (1979) right now. Another fine zoidberg release.

As for the new Amazon WEB-DL, I'd be interested to see how it compares but pretty happy with this right now. In my view, this is better than the Team_Blu release; no disrespect intended to them, but that had a slightly strange noise pattern (possibly a grain plate to hide a lower bitrate original source) and the encoding made it look worse in motion. For what it's worth, there is another... a third custom in the works on (re-color timed and apparently with the original theatrical audio from the VHS?).
Thanks given by: zoidberg , Stamper
Can't PM yet (despite being activated) but interested in contacting Zoidberg for the link to his Warriors HDTV theatrical preservation.
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Same here, I cannot send a PM to ziodberg despite being activated.
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Active members only
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