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Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Special Edition) (1991) 4X3 DVD
(2017-10-26, 07:47 PM)born113 Wrote:
(2017-06-05, 05:46 PM)MrBrown Wrote: Only one 4:3 DVD is known, it is the Theatrical cut, and way released in Russia.

And in Japan

Oh? Great! Now I have to find that Japanese 3 Disc release...

It is possible that the Movie on the Bonus Disc is in Widescreen also, and just the interactive features are in 1.33:1 Thats the reason both ARs are listed on the backside.
The Version on the 3rd Disc is the SE, and the 120 minutes seem to be interactive Bonus.
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Here are screen grabs of this "unofficial remaster" I hadn't noticed before on the russian site. It looks like the user "Kuna.Almaty" fixed the old release frame by frame, taking different parts from all the different releases available, color correcting them and putting them all back together.

His reasoning was not one release on Blu is good all the way through, so he selected a main release, and then selected scenes from other releases based on their style and look. For example the termovision scenes come from a release where they look better, the night scenes from another, the VFX from another etc.

So this might be the best version that will ever be available of the old master. He redid all three cuts, the TC, the SE and the ESE.

You can find him by searching for T2 "Unofficial remaster"

[Image: 66289468ru.png]
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They look great!
Once again another old master 'Tealed' up to bring it back to life Smile

There appears to be no English audio option beyond a commentary.
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It should be easy to remux the soundtrack I guess. I think there is a compressed 16gb version on the tracker, where english is included.
EDIT there is english dts on all releases of this unofficial remaster, unless I read wrong.

I made a screenshot comparison using the user grabs, 720p for easier access

I appears he also restored the full framing in some shots as some releases appear cropped a bit on all sides.

here's a full 1080p comparison. Amazing how much detail is bought back.

Thermovision correction notice how the black are now black and not purple
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The current thinking for the delay it seems is that the 2D/UHD blus got an unwanted DNR pass.

As for your comment on the clipped highlights there were definitely less than on the blu, in the desert bunker scene with John and The Terminator there's definitely more details in the highlights (the shaft of light behind John). Adam Greenberg does like his images to have contrast though
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Yep, was talking with a friend, and he said though the 3D master wasn't that great, it's definetely a new scan. But nonetheless it's amazing how much that guy could render back from the old scan.
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Yeah unfortunately the DNR was heavy handed on the 3D. Still enjoyed it immensely (twice)!

I'll have to check out this unofficial remaster at some point
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