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Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Special Edition) (1991) 4X3 DVD

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Hi, was there a T2 (Special Edition) 4X3 DVD ever released?

There is a bad rip/capture of T2 in XviD in NTSC resolution, but PAL fps and the fps goes down to ~12 fps for some parts and I would like to know the source for this rip/cpature. Anyone know?

From the file, the resolution seems DVD quality. Thank you.
AFAIK there never was a 4:3 Special Edition of T2 released on DVD.
Only on LaserDisc and maybe VHS and TV broadcast...
Only one 4:3 DVD is known, it is the Theatrical cut, and way released in Russia.
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There's a LD rip of the SE though I'm not sure it's online or just exchanged in private.
Thank you for the replies. The capture combines the non-SE DVD and the SE-LD and that's why there is a weird resolution and fps.
Never have seen that one, but the capture of the SE LD is very clean.
(2017-06-06, 07:33 AM)Stamper Wrote: Never have seen that one, but the capture of the SE LD is very clean.

This would most certainly be a bonus to have if anyone here ends up being able to get it.

(2017-06-05, 05:46 PM)MrBrown Wrote: Only one 4:3 DVD is known, it is the Theatrical cut, and way released in Russia.

And in Japan

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I have the SE full screen Laserdisc

It’s my go to!
Anyone checked the T2 remastered version on this tracker? There are all 3 versions, apparently gathered from all the different versions available everywhere. I wonder if this could be the go to for the print prior the recent 4K remaster.

Born, your rutracker link leads to a fake site, you need to update it, the real deal is .org
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I have a few 4X3's. One is a PAL format with a very big AR (you can see Arnie's Hawaiian shorts when he's 'naked' in the biker bar). The color timing is very purple in any shots that aren't the excessive blue.

The other one is a VHS copy that has an intro by (then) President Bush, along with Arnold doing a commercial for some after school program to get kids in shape. It also ends with a T2 merch advert with the Robert Patrick.

Then I have the German widescreen non-anamorphic DVD that has the most neutral color timing I've ever seen (the blue's aren't overdone except for 1 or 2 scenes). Quality is pure shyte though.

Other than those, most copies I have are various widescreen releases over the years. I do still have an actual physical video tape, but I don't have time to record it to dvd, nor do I have a dvd player anymore. Maybe I should ask my roommate if I can borrow hers, lol.

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