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Misinterpretated Text-Conversion-To-Smileys

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I came across this ...
:victory: [Image: confused.png]uperman: :victory:

... which reminded me of the same thing I had to deal with by Disable Smilies on a particular post.

Apparently, the algorithm used to determine text combinations for conversion to smiley graphics doesn't include assuring that the smiley text is completely isolated by spaces. The above example -- confused_smilies uperman: -- was from a colon, followed by the word "superman", followed by a colon. The present algorithm neglects a full-isolation check and so takes the starting colon and the first letter "s" (or "S") and immediately converts it to a smiley without consideration of the rest of the word from which it was taken.

BTW, this may have something to do with my seeing deletions, by the Delete and/or Backspace  keys, getting stuck in place (and not deleting anything). Maybe, too, it could be problems with copying a word that includes the preceding space and pasting it elsewhere but with that preceding space not pasting, too. It could be lower-level editing and/or parsing bugs. Worse still is that they are not consistently repeatable.   Cry
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About smilies: we have not a "superman" or "victory" smilies, so MyBB recognizes only the Confused part of your : Superman: as a smilie, as it should be.

We could always move to "Emoji" puncutation with colon before and after the emoji type - like :emoji:

Backspace/Delete: I noted the same, can't say if it's smilies management or not... hope Feallan could check this.
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I can't really change this, not without making changes to the parser code by myself (there are no settings for this in ACP unless I'm blind). This is probably a bug, because it's supposed to be intelligent, for example we have this emoticon Undecided, but links (http://) are unaffected by the parser.

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