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Dolby Digital Plus - any known preservations
As the title thread says really

We're there any Dolby Digital plus tracks out there on the HD-DVD format that contain any elements ripe for preservation?

Worth a thought?
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I have a selection of HD-DVD's but I don't know if any of the DD+ tracks are wanted by anyone.
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I believe most of the titles that came out on HD DVD and Blu Ray simultaneously were from the same masters. In most cases the Blu Ray counterpart has a lossless track.

Phantom Of The Opera however had a Dolby True HD track where the Blu Ray inexplicably only has Dolby Digital.
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I know Pan's Labyrinth had a DTS MA 7.1 track on HDDVD
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(2017-06-10, 07:46 PM)Bigrob Wrote: Worth a thought?

It's certainly an avenue worthy of investigation.  Funnily enough, I had the same thought when I was handling some DD+ tracks recently and remembered Moshrom's analysis of various DVD tracks.  The fact that HD DVDs and early BDs drew on the same sources didn't preclude some video streams on the former from being preferable to the latter (by escaping DNR/EE/whatever), so in principle the audio tracks might have advantages too. Obviously, this is something that can be determined only on a case-by-case basis, so we'd need people with good ears to listen to the tracks, and we don't have enough of such people. Comparing a few tracks by running them through Spek would get the ball rolling though.
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I should mention every Warners title I have on HD DVD also sports a Dolby True HD track. The Blu Ray equivalent almost always has a PCM track, and a default 640kps Dolby track. My receiver won't display the bitrate for DD+.

It wouldn't surprise me if some Universal titles have been tweaked, as some took a long time to make it to Blu Ray. Streets Of Fire is only just now coming out.

As I've never seen a Blu Ray with a DD+ track, does the format even support it?
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Some foreign tracks on HD-DVD are in DD+ at 448kbps, while in DTS 755kbps in BD; given the fact DTS half rate has rolling off high frequencies, and that many thinks that a DTS full rate sounds as good as a DD (non plus) at 640kbps, I can say that the 448kbps DD+ tracks *should* sound better.
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I don't know if the Terminator 2 (Special Edition) 7.1 Track from the German HD-DVD is that great... but it wasn't in DD+, only DTS-HD...
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(2017-06-11, 08:03 PM)SilverWook Wrote: As I've never seen a Blu Ray with a DD+ track, does the format even support it?

Yes, but player support for it is not mandatory.
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So maybe someone should make a list of HD-DVD's that have desirable audio so those of us that have them can start ripping and sharing.

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