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[Test] Aliens open matte
#1 (deleted by the website) (new comparison)

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Looks good. The source is the old HDTV?
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Various sources used - HDTVs and BD. Colors are provisional.
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Wow so you managed to add more? That's awesome if you can get several sources together to get the most.

I would say do a 720p if some sources are SD. That would be enough to make it seamless.
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There's a visible "seam" (for lack of a better word) in picture #2 where it was stitched together.

You may benefit from introducing a slight vertical blur at the join point. I can help with the Avisynth for this if you'd like. Let me know.
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@ Stamper: yes, various sources patched together - usually just adding top and bottom, as in #2 and #3, but #1 needed a resize, and a inpainting - I'm still not sure it would be good in motion, though; they are all 1080i/p, so no need for 720p.

@AntcuFaalb: Picture #2? Sure isn't picture #1? Wink

Yes, I'm aware that the "slices" are not perfectly harmonized, because the different sources have quite remarkably different color grading, so it's hard to match them perfectly, but I'm working on this... your help is very appreciated, I'll count on it if needed! Ok
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Andrea: The basic idea is…

1. Stitch the two clips together however you do it now.
2. Crop from the top and bottom in Avisynth to create a second clip which is just the "seam" and a little above and below. The frame size should be the same width as the source, but with a height like 8px or so.
3. Apply vertical blur or perhaps a Gaussian.
4. Using the numbers from the crop before, get two other clips: (1) above, (2) below.
5. Use StackVertical twice to put them all back together.
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Yep, got it, but I'm more concerned about different colors in the top and bottom patches than the seam itself... indeed, if (when) both sources would get the same exact (well, at least almost perfect) color grading, *I guess* seam would pass unnoticed... what do you think?
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StackVertical() will take more than two clips, so you need call it only once.
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Something like this?

oar  =avisource("original-aspect-ratio.avi")
om   =avisource("open-matte.avi")

ov   =overlay(oar,om,0,y)

seam1=ov.crop(0,y  -4,0,8)#.some blur here
seam2=ov.crop(0,y+z-4,0,8)#.some blur here

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