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What is the "purest" free software video player?
I've discovered lately that MPC-BE introduces strange artefacts sometime - nasty big blocks of a single color; at first, I thought it was due to my direct-lit LED TV, but I tried another player (SMPlayer) and those blocks aren't there... it occurs usually in fast movements, fast changing frames, it's repeatable, and it happens also using different renders...

So, which is the purest free software video player, the one which doesn't introduce artefacts, which has the colors as they should be; the one that outputs perfectly what's on disc or file... and, which render to use?
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Im interested in advice on the topic as well. Hopefully something that can handle large 4k+
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You can use VLC to play straight from the Bluray without ripping if you have MakeMKV and use the libaacs/libbdplus hook/emulation. In theory it should work with MPC too, but I could never get it to work. MakeMKV has to be up to date with the beta key.
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MPV is now my reference player... sadly, it lacks many features MPC-BE has, so I'm forced to use the latter for everyday comparison...

Discovered today that *$&# MPC-BE player add a (very slight indeed) magenta blanket, in comparison to MPV; now, what should I tweak to get rid of this?
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iDeer Bluray Player works well.
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I use MPC-BE with a combination of the MadVR (video) and ReClock (Audio) renderers. All of which are FREE.
Its well worth the time to research and set up, with improvements no matter how old your PC gear is.
Im getting excellent results with on the fly Upscaling and FPS conversion (25 to 23.976 with audio).

If im watching a BLU, AnyDVDHD is already doing it's thing before I load the index.bdmv file.

It will not handle menus. even DVD ones.
For this I use PowerDVD 7
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