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(not only) projects about movies

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OK, here we focus on movie project primarily - restorations, preservations, fan edits - and corollary things like bonus material, trailers, movie tracks.

But there are certain areas that we have not explored (yet); I would talk about some of them, probably there are others, so feel free to integrate these with your known ones.

Fan dub
a world on its own; primarily about anime, fan dubbing could be a useful resource for us, when for example a deleted scene has no audio, or not available in a language you would like to use. I've approached some gals and guys on a forum to ask for help about Harry Potter extended scenes not available in Italian; I'm curious to see if there are good dubbers between them, and how good the final result could be.

Fan commentary
another intersting branch; I've discovered there are many commentary tracks made by fan; not sure how many of them are good enough to even be taken in consideration for our projects, but it could be an alternative if one wants to add a commentary track, but no official one exists.

Fan sub
I must admit, I'm a fan sub maker myself! Big Grin for one of my projects, where there was not an Italian subtitle track, I wrote it from scratch - it wasn't easy, but surely rewarding!

Any other fan-something branch to add here?
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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I'd like to do fan dubs for some of my projects, and I'm already working on fansubs for the Dollars Trilogy in four different languages. Regarding fandubs, I was hoping to write Spanish and German scripts for Lupin III: The Secret of Mamo, for example.

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