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Halloween 4, 5, 6 ... various 2.0 AC3

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Halloween 4, 5, 6 ...... 2.0 AC3 for comparisons if anyone can do it.  We're trying to figure out if the Divimax versions carry the "ultra stereo" 2.0 or not.

The link expires on 31 March .... if interested, you should get this while you can.

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So folks know, this is NOT a preservation project ...... as it has been touted @ OT.com by a member.  It is audio straight from the DVD's for comparison purposes.

PLZ keep this link here. I don't think it's a good idea for members to be sending download links to non-members just because of the nature of things on this forum.
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Anyone that downloaded this have any thoughts whatsoever? Feedback would be nice.

Hi, Jetrell.

I'm a fan of this movies but I'm not sure what you want to do.

Do you just want to find the best 2.0 track for this movies?

I have the Divimax editions of 4 and 5 if you need them.
From what I understand, the audio that Jetrell Fo posted IS from the Divimax edition and he is trying to figure out whether they are actually the "ultra stereo" tracks. This is a brief description (taken from wikipedia) of what the hell "ultra stereo" actually is:
[Ultra Stereo is a cinema sound system that was developed in 1984[1] by chief engineer Jack Cashin. It was a 4/2/4 photographic sound encoding and decoding procedure that has the same technical basic data, and similar audio quality, as its competitor. Four channels of information (Left, Center, Right and Surround) were matrix-encoded into two optical soundtracks on 35 mm theatrical release prints, occupying the same area of the film which previously held the monophonic soundtrack. The matrix-encoded track was decoded by the cinema processor in the theater during exhibition. The system was very similar to the widely used Dolby Stereo Matrix. As of 2012, 1064 titles are listed on the Internet Movie Database as using this format.]
Oh, great, so I didn't understand anything. LOL
LOL Tongue
Sorry if I confused anyone, LOL ...... I did want to find out if the Ultra Stereo had been ported to these releases. They are labeled as to which DVD each is from.


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