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Greatest American Hero TV Series

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First off, Hi everyone. 

Not sure if there's any interest in something like this, but thought I'd bring it up.

The first and second season, and from what I gather, very few episodes of the third are missing the original music in the US DVD releases.

Years ago, I snagged copies of the Japanese release from a fan in another forum after finding my US copies to be off. Pacing changes completely. 

Anyway, does anyone have recommendations for preserving these? Really don't trust DVD after a certain amount of time. I've ripped compressed mkv via dvdFab (I know but wanted to find the best way before taking up so much space) just to make sure I have copies saved in case of disc failure.

I also doubt this will ever be released in the USA....so don't want to lose this. 

Also, sorry if in the wrong section.
Now I really just want to delete this. I'll stick with what I've done...
You could just make 1:1 copies as backups? But I agree with you it would of been nice to have quality mp4 or mkv rips. I grew up watching this show.

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