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The Matrix (1999) LaserDisc PCM
I have ripped (bit-perfect) the digital PCM Dolby Surround track from the US LaserDisc release of The Matrix (17665) and synced it to the Blu Ray. I have kept the file at 16/44.1kHz, in order to be Blu Ray compliant it will need to be resampled to 48kHz (pick your poison).

Uploaded to MEGA, PM for links. I will only be sharing this with active members of the forum.
That's great, zoidberg!

Thanks a lot! Ok
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Zoidberg strikes again!
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I actually wouldn't mind checking this out.

Film Addict    

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I've got to check this out. I've been curious about this way too expensive and hard to find LD for years.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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I wouldn't be against getting it either Tongue
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I've finished syncing the AC3 Laserdisc track to the Blu Ray. It's very nice, very dynamic. Much better than the original DVD IMHO.
PM for the links (active members of the forum only).
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How does this LD audio compare to the Cinema DTS?
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