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2001 Regrade (Criterion Laserdisc)
Apparently there are DTS CDs discs from around 1992 around, I assume it's the original 70mm mix?
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What about that guy who got a 35mm print? I think that had one of the original mixes, but I've heard no news on it.
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It has just been announced Warner with Nolan in charge are releasing a limited run 70mm engagement worldwide of an "unrestored" 70mm print from original sources. Apparently this is supposed to be a true representation of the original experience with no digital meddling-and we all know what that means. Robert Harris has already cried foul and says the negative is in really bad shape-and to do what they claim they will be printing form deteriorated fourth gen materials.

First-do they realize the original color and sound have been missing since 2001-no!
Second-will they recreate the experience of six track mag-no!
Third-How does Nolan get to supervise and technically advise this process? How does that make any sense?

Most importantly-WHERE WILL IT BE SHOWN? Outside of the handful of 70mm houses left-not counting IMAX which is just not the same.
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Got a link to Harris' comments?
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(2018-03-14, 10:41 AM)Stamper Wrote: Apparently there are DTS CDs discs from around 1992 around, I assume it's the original 70mm mix?

This is out there. I obtained my copy from a friend on the 35MM forum. I've enjoyed it immensely.
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On the organ? There is a version around but I'm not sure if it is the right mix, they claim cinema DTS but from recent years.
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Hollywood-Elsewhere --  Not So Fast On That 70mm \2001' Mastering Wrote:Sounds like a reasonable idea, but restoration guru Robert Harris (Lawrence of Arabia, Vertigo, Spartacus, Rear Window) says “non…c’est des conneries. C’est pour les nerds de cinema.”

Google Translate Wrote:"no ... it's bullshit. It's for cinema nerds."

Look what they've done to your film, Stan ...

Melanie/TheSeekers Translate Wrote:"Look what they done to my song ma; Look what they done to my song; Well it's the only thing that I could do half right; And it's turning out all wrong ma; Look what they done to my song."
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(2018-03-14, 10:41 AM)Stamper Wrote: Apparently there are DTS CDs discs from around 1992 ...

2001 in 70MM w DTS: H.A.L. Lives? (Sep 2, 2014)
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This at least explains where the elements came from:

It appears to be a chem restoration/repair of an IP made in 1999 based off Kubrick’s notes.
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