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List of HD releases with brand new text and credits

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When distributors restore or remaster a film from negative they also have no way of reintroducing the original fonts used for the credits and on-screen text since these elements are usually introduced later on in the post-production chain from negative to final 35mm.

I thought this would be a good place to create a list of official Blu-Ray releases which DO NOT come with theatrical titles but rather with a digital recreation of them where the font used is sometimes close-enough, sometimes not even that, sometimes they are repositioned too and in most cases nobody notices it.
If you have some titles on Blu Ray that fit the criteria, please let me know and I'll add them to the list.

Films on Blu-Ray with new fonts, titles or credits

Atlantic City (original font found on HD stream, new font on Blu-Ray) screenshot here)
The Big Red One (new font on WB Blu-Ray)
Chariots of fire (original font on 20th Century Fox BR from France, new font on WB Blu-Ray from USA screenshot here))
Cobra Verde (new font reported on region B Blu-Ray by BFI, screenshot here)
Deliverance (new font on Blu-Ray and some DVD releases) screenshot here)
L'Enfer (BR by Cohen Media Group screenshot here)
Fantasia screenshot here)
Fedora (new font on French Blu Ray by Carlotta Films screenshot here)
Hard Times (new font on BR screenshot here)
Murder on the Orient express (1974) (original font found on HD stream, new font on StudioCanal Region B Blu-Ray) screenshot here)
1900 new font in Dall'Angelo Pictures BR, original font in Olive Films BR screenshot here)
Nosferatu - Phantom der Nacht (new font in all Blu-Ray releases by Shout, Arthaus and BFI screenshot here)
Shaft (new font on Ray screenshot here)
Stripes (new font and new positioning both on Blu-Ray and DVD) more info and some screengrabs here)
Suspiria (for the recent Italian 4k release they digitally recreated the original font and used it for both intro and end credits but originally the end credits had a different font)

More info on this topic and more titles can be found here http://annyas.com/screenshots/updates/re...n-history/
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A bit off topic, but could be useful as well: http://www.closinglogos.com - because not only credits change...
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I have no clue why the fonts aren't matched. To find the matching font using whathefont is a 10mn work.
(2017-06-28, 05:57 PM)Stamper Wrote: I have no clue why the fonts aren't matched. To find the matching font using whathefont is a 10mn work.

I have the feeling that they fix them up according to modern taste sometimes.
Sometimes they probably don't want to pay money to get the right font and go for a font that is close enough since virtually nobody will notice.
But mostly it's probably down to laziness. How lazy can you get to use "pure white" font for Stripes (the original were a bit pink) and not even apply a simple tracking to the background and make them move accordingly? It has to be laziness.
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Yeah, they must be short on cash to fork out 30 bucks for a font (surprise they don't have them all already in stock)

Also they do them pure white which is crap, and without blur which is crap too. Also they should be tracked too when the telecine wooble a bit.
I added many of the films listed here http://annyas.com/screenshots/updates/re...n-history/
The same blog also has a YouTube page where he publishes movie titles, worth checking it out I think https://www.youtube.com/user/MovieTitles
It might be a good idea to limit the list to titles and credits: if it encompasses all on-screen text that's been altered, it's likely to become very long indeed.
(2017-07-04, 07:27 PM)Chewtobacca Wrote: It might be a good idea to limit the list to titles and credits: if it encompasses all on-screen text that's been altered, it's likely to become very long indeed.

Can you give me some examples?
The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit BDs (apart from the Region A ones) had player-generated subtitles for the Elvish, not the original ones.  I'm fairy sure that the Star Trek BDs also had player-generated subtitles for Klingon and the like.  Quite a few non-English-language releases have on-screen text in the target language.  If you include such cases, I think that the list will expand very quickly. That's just my impression.

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