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Best Anti-Aliasing AVIsynth filter?

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Looking for a recommendation from the experts. Got an old HD master that on close inspection has aliasing that I want to try to get rid off. Anyone got a recommendation and/or settings?

[Image: tj6cDwc.jpg]
Is the source 'interlaced'?
It's probably not, but it looks like it probably was at one point.
It looks less like resolution scaling problems and more de-interlacing ones to me.
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I guess it's possible I screwed up the IVTC.

The original was 1080i Mpeg2/29.97 which I ran through DGMPGDec and then took the d2v through TFM/TDecimate in Avisynth. I don't see any combing and the frames seem correct.
Some of the early Warner Bros BDs had this aliasing problem. They may have been derived from interlaced transfers originally, but they weren't interlaced on the discs themselves (at least the discs I've looked at).

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