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Hello World!

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I just joined the forum because I am interessted in listen to the original theater sound mix of movies. Hopefully I will find some other people here who prefer that as well and that we can work together on some interesting projects.

Looking forward to Smile
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Welcome! You'll find many like-minded people here.
Welcome aboard!

Ready to help some project makers with A LOT of projects?!? Wink
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
Welcome. Got any experiments for us?
(2017-06-29, 06:41 PM)Tomlinson Holman Wrote: Hopefully I will find some other people here who prefer that as well and that we can work together on some interesting projects.

Hello! You came to the right place! Big Grin
Hello and thanks for the warm welcome.

At the moment I try to get an overview of the board and what projects have been done. I am especially interested in the conversion of DTS cinema CDs are done and if something in this process can be improved.
The two main questions are at the moment, with what filters the LFE channel is extracted from the surround channels (frequency, slope, minimum or linear phase etc.) and if any X Curve correction has been applied.
That's something I've been wanting to know myself, actually.
Try the film-tech forum
I know there has been MUCH discussion about the in's and out's of cinema DTS audio. I also know that we have access to the DTS whitepapers for this, some great audio people that have worked on getting things settled to accommodate home vs. theater, and a lot of TLC. I know CapableMetal and Hairy_hen over at OT.com have given intensive explanations of all these things over there and I know that DoomBot takes great care in what he does when editing/syncing of this audio for final inclusion with the projects they accompany.

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