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Looking for the "right" Predator color grading...
Thanks, let me know. I did some archeology on the russian site, and found what looks like the first DVD release (widescreen but non anamorphic).
It was slow and took days.
The disc had originaly english 5.1 & 2.0 plus french 2.0
I expected the ripper to have deleted the english 2.0 and replaced it with the russian, but bingo!
He did the reverse: he deleted the 5.1 and kept the 2.0 possibly for space.

So now I have DVD versions of the original mix in 2.0 in both french and english at 192kbps.
The old US blu ray french audio 2.0 is at 224kbps but I'm not sure if it's better. I think it might be just a port of the 192kbps upscaled.
I think it might be a different bitrate because they might have upped the volume (on the initial DVD it's a bit quiet compared to the english 2.0) and then re-encoded at superior bitrate.

Nonetheless would like to compare. In the meantime I will check if I can repack without re-encoding those two soundtracks to the old Blu-ray.

EDIT: Unless i'm mistaken, no other 2.0 foreign language mix of Predator exists on DVD. If your german or spanish or italian, and have some knowledge of a local 2.0 original mix, PM me so that I can add and resync to the old release. Thus we will get an ultimate Predator original mixes collection on the organ.
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AFAIK no Italian DVD with 2.0 - at least, we got both AC-3 and DTS 5.1 on them!
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My mistake I have the spanish on the open matte DVD, it's in mono and sounds like shit. The attack of the camp though is hilarious, they added moans to every soldier who get blasted off or is in action. It's totally ridiculous. and fun! I also realised the french 2.0 is also on the open matte lol

My intention is to compile the original mixes on this only, synced to the early Blu. I ditch all 5.1 since they are available in stores.
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