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Looking for the "right" Predator color grading...

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Another episode in the "right" color grading series... Big Grin

Found an interesting comparison here and I've added the HDTV caps;

from top to bottom: Italian VHS, DVD, HDTV (BD should be the same):

[Image: predator-cielo-rosso-1.jpg]

[Image: predator-cielo-rosso-2.jpg?w=600]

[Image: Predator_01_HDTV.jpg]

[Image: predator-cielo-rosso-1a.jpg?w=600]

[Image: predator-cielo-rosso-2a.jpg?w=600]

[Image: Predator_02_HDTV.jpg]
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Interesting differences in both color and framing.
I'd be curious to see what the grading is on the jungle scenes for the Italian VHS.
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The VHS looks heavily red pushed, you can see it in the text.
I have the French P&S Laserdisc. Should I cap it then? Big Grin
(2017-07-05, 07:17 PM)ilovewaterslides Wrote: I have the French P&S Laserdisc. Should I cap it then? Big Grin

I'd like to see it.

I based my upscale regrade off a bunch of 35mm frames I had. Which was like the DVD but browner skin tones, less red and highlights particularly in the smoke/mist were bluish

Actually it was more blue overall.

Similar to the French and Spanish trailers on YouTube but a lot more saturated.

They looked nothing like that VHS tape
I have the Pal UK and NTSC LDs but looking at the dvd in the last shot and the vhs I would say the dvd is closer
Wish I could remember what the 35mm print looked like when I saw it
The images are from my buddy and fellow blogger "Lucius Etruscus", they were posted on his blog about the Alien universe https://aliens30anni.wordpress.com (it's in Italian) where he often compares different home video editions. If you want to see any specific scene I can ask him to pass me a screengrab.
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(2017-07-05, 11:13 AM)spoRv Wrote: [Image: predator-cielo-rosso-1a.jpg?w=600]

[Image: predator-cielo-rosso-2a.jpg?w=600]

[Image: Predator_02_HDTV.jpg]

Is it just me or in the last picture they have used the same font but not as "bold"? In particular, the "i" seem different (too thin)
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