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Idea Silent Hill (2006) - open matte & "before color timing"!
This looks really cool! Kinda digging the more natural look. I wish screenshotcomparison links still worked. I've learned to just be disappointed now when I see one Smile
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Fixed the not-working link, that is this:

BD Vs UAR regraded OLD:

After reviewing the "natural" version and my regrade, I noted that sometimes mine was still too blueish; so, touched a bit, to be even more natural:

BD Vs UAR regraded NEW:

UAR regraded OLD Vs NEW:

difference seems subtle, but it is quite noticeble inĀ full screen! Now, the "spirit" of the "natural" version is very close in color, but using HD-DVD/open matte contrast (tweaked a bit) gives it an even better quality IMHO. And, what do you think?

Note: in at least one instance, BD is zoomed in, losing image on all sides;

[Image: Silent-Hill-164067-BD-HDDVD-UAR.jpg]
Thanks given by: bronan
I really quite love this natural-color grading, especially since it actually makes the movie more akin to the color palette in the games it's based on, especially when looking back atĀ Silent Hill 2.

[Image: Silent_Hill_2_james_sunderland_video_games-223343.jpg!d]
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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Yep, I think that original grading is too blueish, while "natural" one is closer to the videogames atmosphere.

PC is processing pass 1 - it will take two days Eek ; pass 2 will follow, maybe it will take another two or three days... stay tuned!

P.S. Any interest in Silent Hill: Revelation UAR (and eventual regrade)?
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Pass 1 interrupted (thanks, Windows automatic update!); it will (re)start soon.


Silent Hill: Revelation - untouched Vs regraded:
(final version would be UAR, though!)
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Pass 1 finished, pass 2 halfway; pass 3 will discard pass 2 bad shots due to greenscreen, and replace them with pass 1 slightly color corrected to recall pass 2... it will take some days (I hope)
Thanks given by: applesandrice

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