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Warriors of Virtue (Vudu Capper Needed)

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Attain the best possible quality from multiple sources - (generously provided by SilverWook).

Spanish PAL Letterbox DVD - main color reference, source for Titles, Spanish Audio.
French PAL Anamorphic DVD - main Source (though colors are completely wrong), French Audio.
US NTSC F/S DVD - secondary color reference, Main English Audio (5.1)
Laserdisc Rip - secondary color reference, English Stereo Audio

Special Features:
Making Of
Theatrical Trailer

Film will be Color Matched Shot by Shot using Dr. Dre's Color Correct tool.

French Source vs Spanish Color Source

French Source Before and After

Spanish Source vs French CC

Artifacting from color correction will be fixed temporally in Avisynth

If anyone would like, I have a simple NTSC anamorphic mp4 with the US 5.1 surround track available for download. PM for details. This is meant as a placeholder release until I finish the project.
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- The artifacting I mention above seems to come from blown out highlights in the French DVD. You can see this in bright edges of the door to the left and around the doorknob. I plan to use QTGMC for this, and would appreciate any suggestions for grain retention while removing artifacts and unnecessary noise.

Each scene will be checked after I finish color correcting to decide if the increased resolution is enough of a benefit. Since the anamorphic DVD is only single layer, compression artifacts are more apparent than the letterbox source.
Any updates?
Still chugging away a few sections at a time with the color correct tool.
Any updates?
Hey there, thanks for popping in and checking. Sorry for my lack of updates- my parents have spotty internet, and since my computer lives at their house, most of my internet use is on my phone.

What I realized was that despite the higher resolution in the anamorphic version, it is generally only useful for close-ups and static shots, because the up scaled version looks glitch with fast movement.

As such, I'm sorting through shots between the 3 versions of the film (laserdisc, Pal Let, Pal ana) to pick the best version for each shot.
Thanks for the update. You'd think the darn thing would be in HD somewhere. If only a print would turn up.
There is a chance to get the theatrical DTS discs.
There's this somewhere: Guerreiros da Virtude [Warriors of Virtue] HDTV 720p. Only around 1.5 GB, but maybe the source is available somewhere or some of the more static scenes are usable if it can be found.

Doesn't seem to be seeded though.
If you Google using Spanish name for the movie, like you said so, you'll also find screenshots for this "HDTV"

[Image: hH0VKzX.png]
[Image: H7sPzp9.png]
[Image: fO6tb1L.png]

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