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The White Point/The Green Tint
I used this theory to create a 3D LUT that does exactly this fix, to be applied to images in sRGB colorspace:!byBj2YBA!ZawROR_rbKu98...bsulCYLP4Q

The results might be slightly off for Rec709. I'm not entirely sure what the differences are between sRGB and Rec709, but either way, this LUT should work reliably for sRGB, so make sure that's the color space you're working in for ideal results.
Thanks given by: CSchmidlapp
(2020-01-31, 08:31 AM)TomArrow Wrote: P.S. Turns out it's not actually just a green tint, it's a tint both towards a warmer and greener whitepoint.

That's right. When undoing green tints manually, I discovered that yellow has to be removed as well, to give a satisfactory result. A simple green tint would be easier to fix.
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