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[request] Cube 2: Hypercube (now in the 'In Progress' subforum)
I meant to add the bonus materials to the same bluray, not in a second disc.

It would be nice to get the R1 release. I didn't find it anywhere.

Sword fight!
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As I think BD-25 is the most economical, practical and compatible way to release a BD based project, I don't know if the movie AND extras will fit in it, leaving enough bitrate for the movie - hence the proposal of an extra disc - the same I'm thinking to do with Supernova, as I have found and made few extras not present in the new BD.

Ah, forgot to mention: katana fight will be nicer! Wink
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Of course I was talking of adding the extras in case there was some space left in the disc. As the 1080i version is 14 GB, I thought a 1080p version with some more AC3 audio tracks couldn't be bigger than 20 GB, leaving some space for the extras.

The italian DVD release has some bonus features while the spanish has less but different. I think the 2 discs french DVD has more extras and the R1 would be necessary for the PaNup. Neither of those is available for download.
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Until now, I tried to fill all the space available with the movie itself, in particular because I like to add everytime five different languages audio tracks... thinking that to retain all the added grain, an higher bitrate - in comparison to the source - is needed... so, an extra disc will be needed, and cool too... "Hey guys, look at this! A 2-disc "Cube 2" BD preservation..." Wink

Yes, the more extras, the better!
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NOTICE: Finally the project jumps to the 'In Progress' subforum here:

You can still check this post for information about the process, but any advances will be posted there. Smile
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