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Cinavia - master list

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List of titles with Cinavia - Updated: 2018-01-20

Title - Studio - Release date - Format - Country (LA=Latin America)

21 Jump Street Sony 2012-06-26 BD US
22 Jump Street Sony 2014-11-18 BD US
30 Minutes or Less Sony 2011-11-29 BD US
47 Ronin Universal 2014-04-01 BD, 3D BD, DVD US
5th Wave, The Sony 2016-05-03 BD US
About Alex Sony 2015-05-11 BD US
About Last Night (2014) Sony 2014-05-20 BD US
Adventures in Zambezia Sony 2013-03-26 BD US
Adventures of Tintin, The Sony 2012-02-27 BD, 3D BD US
Afflicted Sony 2014-07-01 BD US
After Earth Sony 2013-10-08 BD US
Age Of Adaline, The Lionsgate 2015-09-08 BD, DVD US
Air Sony 2015-10-06 BD US
Allegiant Lionsgate 2016-07-12 BD, DVD US
Almost Christmas Universal 2017-02-07 BD, DVD US
Aloft Sony 2015-09-29 BD US
Aloha Sony 2015-08-25 BD US
Amazing Spider-Man 1, The Sony 2012-11-09 BD US
Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Sony 2014-08-19 BD, 3D BD US
American Hustle Sony 2014-03-18 BD US
American Ultra Lionsgate 2015-11-24 BD, DVD US
Amour Sony 2013-08-20 BD US
Angry Birds Movie, The Sony 2016-08-16 BD US
Annie Sony 2015-03-17 BD US
Anonymous Sony 2012-02-07 BD US
Apollo 13 Universal 2017-10-05 BD US
Appleseed Alpha Sony 2014-07-22 BD US
Armstrong Lie, The Sony 2014-02-11 BD US
Art of the Steal, The Sony 2014-07-15 BD US
Arthur Christmas Sony 2012-11-06 BD US
At Any Price Sony 2013-08-27 BD US
Austenland Sony 2014-02-11 BD US
Bad Country Sony 2014-04-29 BD US
Bad Milo! Sony 2014-04-09 BD US
Bad Teacher Sony 2011-10-18 BD, DVD US
Battle Of The Year Sony 2013-12-10 BD, 3D BD US
Battle: Los Angeles Sony 2011-06-14 BD US
Before Midnight Sony 2013-10-22 BD US
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk Sony 2017-02-14 BD US
Black Sea Sony 2015-07-09 BD US
Blair Witch Lionsgate 2017-01-03 BD, DVD US
Bleed For This Sony 2017-03-28 BD US
Blue Jasmine Sony 2014-01-21 BD US
Bonnie & Clyde Sony 2014-01-28 BD US
Boss, The (Rated & Unrated) Universal 2016-07-26 BD, DVD US, LA
Boy Next Door, The Universal 2015-04-28 BD, DVD US
Bronze, The Sony 2016-08-02 BD US
Brothers Grimsby, The Sony 2016-06-21 BD US
Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star Sony 2012-01-17 BD US
By The Sea Universal 2016-07-05 BD, DVD US, LA
Call, The Sony 2013-06-25 BD US
Campaign, The Warner 2012-10-30 BD, DVD US
Captain Phillips Sony 2014-01-21 BD US
Carnage Sony 2012-03-20 BD US
Celeste And Jesse Forever Sony 2013-02-05 BD US
Chappie Sony 2015-06-09 BD US
Chef Sony 2014-30-09 BD US
Choice, The Lionsgate 2016-04-19 DVD US
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 Sony 2014-01-28 BD US
Cold Comes the Night Sony 2014-03-04 BD US
Colombiana Sony 2011-12-20 BD US
Coming Home Sony 2016-03-08 BD US
Company of Heroes Sony 2013-02-26 BD US
Company You Keep, The Sony 2013-08-13 BD US
Concussion Sony 2016-03-29 BD US
Courageous Sony 2012-01-17 BD US
Creative Control Sony 2016-05-10 BD US
Criminal Lionsgate 2016-07-26 BD, DVD US
Crimson Peak Universal 2016-02-09 BD, DVD US, LA
Cross Wars Sony 2017-02-07 BD US
D-Train Sony 2015-09-01 BD US
Damsels in Distress Sony 2012-09-25 BD US
Dangerous Method, A Sony 2012-03-27 BD US
Darling Companion Sony 2012-08-28 BD US
Dead Man Down Sony 2013-07-09 BD US
Deepwater Horizon Lionsgate 2017-01-10 BD, DVD US
Deliver Us From Evil (2014) Sony 2014-10-28 BD US
Demolition Sony 2016-11-11 BD US
Despicable Me 3 Universal 2017-12-05 BD US
Detention Sony 2012-07-31 BD US
Diary Of A Teenage Girl Sony 2016-01-19 BD US
Dirty Grandpa Lionsgate 2016-05-17 BD, DVD US
Django Unchained Sony 2013-05-03 BD US
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Sony 2012-01-03 BD US
Don’t Breathe Sony 2016-11-29 BD US
Don’t Kill It Sony 2017-04-04 BD US
Dope Sony 2015-10-20 BD US
Dracula Untold Universal 2015-02-03 BD, DVD US, LA
Drive Sony 2012-01-31 BD US
Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night Fox 2011-07-26 BD, DVD US
Elle Sony 2017-03-14 BD US
Elvis and Nixon Sony 2016-07-19 BD US
Elysium Sony 2013-12-17 BD US
End of the Tour, The Sony 2016-01-05 BD US
Endless Love (2014) Universal 2014-05-27 BD, DVD US
Equalizer, The Sony 2014-12-30 BD US
Equity Sony 2016-12-13 BD US
Everest Universal 2016-01-19 BD, DVD US, LA
Evil Dead (2013) Sony 2013-07-16 BD US
Fast And Furious 7 Universal 2015-09-15 BD, DVD US, LA
Fate of the Furious, The Universal 2017-07-11 DVD US
Fifty Shades Darker Universal 2017-05-09 BD US
Fifty Shades of Grey Universal 2015-05-08 BD, DVD US
Final Girls, The Sony 2015-10-31 BD US
Footnote Sony 2012-07-24 BD US
For No Good Reason Sony 2014-09-02 BD US
Forest, The Sony 2016-04-12 BD US
Frankenweenie Disney 2013-01-08 BD, 3D BD, DVD US
Freaks Of Nature Sony 2016-02-09 BD US
Friends with Benefits Sony 2011-12-02 BD US
Fury (2014) Sony 2015-01-27 BD US
Gambit (2012) Sony 2014-05-27 BD US
Gatekeepers, The Sony 2013-07-09 BD US
Get On Up Universal 2015-01-06 BD, DVD US
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Sony 2012-06-12 BD, 3D BD US
Ghostbusters Sony 2016-10-11 BD US
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Sony 2012-03-20 BD US
Gods Of Egypt Lionsgate 2016-05-31 BD, DVD US
Goosebumps Sony 2016-01-26 BD US
Grandma Sony 2016-02-09 BD US
Green Hornet, The Sony 2011-05-03 BD, 3D BD US
Grown Ups 2 Sony 2013-11-05 BD US
Guard, The Sony 2012-01-03 BD US
Hacksaw Ridge Lionsgate 2017-02-21 BD, DVD US
Hail, Caesar! Universal 2016-06-07 BD US, LA
Heaven Is for Real Sony 2014-07-22 BD US
Hell Or High Water Lionsgate 2016-11-22 BD, DVD US
Hello, My Name Is Doris Sony 2016-06-14 BD US
Her Sony 2014-05-22 BD US
Here Comes The Boom Sony 2013-02-05 BD US
Higher Ground Sony 2012-01-10 BD US
Hollars, The Sony 2016-12-06 BD US
Home Sweet Hell Sony 2015-04-07 BD US
Hope Springs (2012) Sony 2012-12-04 BD US
Hotel Transylvania Sony 2013-01-29 BD US
Hotel Transylvania 2 Sony 2016-01-12 BD US
How I Live Now Sony 2014-05-27 BD US
Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, The Lionsgate 2015-03-06 BD US
Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, The Lionsgate 2016-04-22 BD, DVD US
Hungover Games, The Sony 2014-03-11 BD US
Huntsman: Winter’s War, The (Theatrical & Extended) Universal 2016-08-23 BD, DVD US, LA
Hysteria (2011) Sony 2012-09-18 BD US
I Saw the Light Sony 2016-07-05 BD US
I’m So Excited! Sony 2014-01-07 BD US
Ides of March, The Sony 2012-01-17 BD US
In a World… Sony 2014-01-21 BD US
In Darkness Sony 2012-06-12 BD US
In Secret Sony 2014-10-29 BD US
In the Land of Blood and Honey Sony 2012-03-27 BD US
Inferno Sony 2017-01-24 BD US
Infinitely Polar Bear Sony 2016-01-05 BD US
Inglourious Basterds Universal 2012-01-01 BD US
Inside Llewyn Davis Sony 2014-03-11 BD US
Insidious: Chapter 2 Sony 2013-12-24 BD US
Insidious: Chapter 3 Sony 2015-10-06 BD US
Insurgent Lionsgate 2015-08-04 BD, DVD US
Interview, The Sony 2015-02-17 BD US
Invisible Woman, The Sony 2014-04-15 BD US
Iron Man: Rise of Technovore Sony 2013-03-16 BD US
Irrational Man Sony 2016-01-12 BD US
Jack and Jill Sony 2012-03-06 BD US
Jason Bourne Universal 2016-12-06 BD, DVD US, LA
Jem And The Holograms Universal 2016-01-19 BD, DVD US, LA
Jimmy’s Hall Sony 2015-11-17 BD US
Jodorowsky’s Dune Sony 2014-07-08 BD US
John Wick 2 Lionsgate 2017-06-13 BD US
Julieta Sony 2017-03-21 BD US
Jurassic World Universal 2015-10-22 BD, DVD US, LA
Karate Kid, The (2010) Sony 2010-10-05 BD US
Kevin Hart: What Now? Universal 2017-01-10 BD, DVD US
Kick-Ass 2 Universal 2013-12-17 BD, DVD US
Kill Your Darlings Sony 2014-03-18 BD US
Kind Of Murder, A Sony 2017-04-05 BD US
Kings Of Summer, The Sony 2013-09-24 BD US
Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Sony 2016-10-04 BD US
La La Land Lionsgate 2017-04-25 BD, DVD US
Lady in the Van, The Sony 2016-04-19 BD US
Lambert and Stamp Sony 2015-08-18 BD US
Land Ho! Sony 2014-11-05 BD US
Larry Crowne Universal 2011-11-15 BD US
Last Vegas Sony 2014-01-28 BD US
Last Witch Hunter, The Lionsgate 2016-02-02 BD, DVD US
Legend Universal 2016-03-01 BD, DVD US
Leviathan Sony 2015-05-19 BD US
Life Sony 2017-06-20 BD US
Life, Above All Sony 2011-12-06 BD US
Lobster, The Sony 2016-08-02 BD US
Lockout Sony 2012-07-17 BD US
London Boulevard Sony 2012-02-21 BD US
Looper Sony 2012-12-31 BD US
Losers, The Warner 2010-06-20 BD US
Love And Friendship Sony 2016-09-06 BD US
Love Is All You Need Sony 2013-09-10 BD US
Love Is Strange Sony 2015-01-13 BD US
Love The Coopers Lionsgate 2016-05-31 BD US
Lunchbox, The Sony 2014-07-01 BD US
Maggie’s Plan Sony 2016-08-23 BD US
Magic in the Moonlight Sony 2014-12-16 BD US
Magnificent Seven, The Sony 2016-12-20 BD US
Make Your Move (2013) Sony 2014-07-22 BD US
Mechanic: Resurrection Lionsgate 2016-11-22 BD, DVD US
Meeting Evil Sony 2012-07-25 BD US
Men in Black III Sony 2012-09-18 BD, 3D BD US
Merchants of Doubt Sony 2015-07-07 BD US
Mermaid, The Sony 2016-07-05 BD US
Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life Lionsgate 2017-01-03 BD, DVD US
Midnight in Paris Sony 2011-12-20 BD US
Miles Ahead Sony 2016-07-19 BD US
Million Ways to Die in the West, A Universal 2014-10-07 BD, DVD US
Minions Universal 2015-12-08 BD, DVD US, LA
Miracles from Heaven Sony 2016-07-12 BD US
Moms’ Night Out Sony 2014-09-02 BD US
Money Monster Sony 2016-09-06 BD US
Moneyball Sony 2012-01-10 BD US
Monk Comes Down the Mountain Sony 2016-03-29 BD US
Monuments Men, The Sony 2014-05-20 BD US
Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, The Sony 2013-12-03 BD US
Mr. Holmes Sony 2015-11-10 BD US
Mummy, The Universal 2017-09-12 BD US
Nebraska Sony 2014-06-26 BD US
Neighbors (2014) Universal 2014-09-23 BD, DVD US
Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Universal 2016-09-20 BD, DVD US, LA
Neil Young Journeys Sony 2012-10-16 BD US
Nerve Lionsgate 2016-10-25 BD, DVD US
Night Before, The Sony 2016-03-01 BD US
No Sony 2013-06-25 BD US
No Good Deed (2014) Sony 2015-01-06 BD US
Norm of the North Lionsgate 2016-04-19 BD, DVD US
Now You See Me 2 Lionsgate 2016-09-06 BD, DVD US
Oldboy (2013) Sony 2014-03-04 BD US
Olympus Has Fallen Sony 2013-08-13 BD US
One Direction: This Is Us Sony 2013-12-17 BD, 3D BD US
Only Lovers Left Alive Sony 2014-08-19 BD US
Open Season: Scared Silly Sony 2016-03-07 BD US
Other Guys, The Sony 2010-12-14 BD US
Ouija Universal 2015-02-03 BD, DVD US, LA
Ouija: Origin of Evil Universal 2017-01-17 BD, DVD US, LA
Parker Sony 2013-05-21 BD US
Passengers Sony 2017-03-14 BD US
Past, The Sony 2014-03-25 BD US
Patriots Day Lionsgate 2017-03-28 BD, DVD US
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 Sony 2015-07-14 BD US
Perfect Guy, The Sony 2015-12-22 BD US
Pirates! Band of Misfits, The Sony 2012-08-28 BD, 3D BD US
Pitch Perfect 2 Universal 2015-09-22 BD, DVD US
Pixels Sony 2015-10-27 BD US
Playing For Keeps Sony 2013-03-05 BD US
Pompeii (2014) Sony 2014-05-20 BD, 3D BD US
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Universal 2016-09-13 BD, DVD US, LA
Predestination Sony 2014-12-01 BD US
Premium Rush Sony 2012-12-21 BD US
Pride (2014) Sony 2014-12-23 BD US
Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Sony 2016-05-31 BD US
Priest (2011) Sony 2011-08-16 BD US
Project X (2012) Warner 2012-06-19 BD, DVD US
Public Enemies Universal 2012-10-02 BD, DVD US
Purge: Election Year, The Universal 2016-10-04 BD, DVD US, LA
Raid 2: Berandal, The Sony 2014-07-08 BD US
Raid: Redemption, The Sony 2012-08-14 BD US
Ratchet And Clank Universal 2016-08-23 BD US
Ratter Sony 2016-03-01 BD US
Red Army Sony 2015-06-09 BD US
Red Sky Sony 2015-05-11 BD US
Red Turtle, The Sony 2017-05-02 BD US
Remaining, The Sony 2015-01-27 BD US
Resident Evil: Afterlife Sony 2010-12-28 BD, 3D BD US
Resident Evil: Damnation Sony 2012-09-25 BD, 3D BD US
Resident Evil: Retribution Sony 2012-12-21 BD US
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Sony 2017-05-16 BD US
Resident Evil: Vendetta Sony 2017-07-18 BD US
Restless (2011) Sony 2012-01-24 BD US
Ricki and the Flash Sony 2015-11-24 BD US
Risen Sony 2016-05-24 BD US
Robot & Frank Sony 2013-03-06 BD US
Rock Dog Lionsgate 2017-05-23 BD, DVD US
Rock of Ages Warner 2012-10-09 BD, DVD US
Roommate, The Sony 2011-05-17 BD, DVD US
Rough Night Sony 2017-09-05 BD US
Rust and Bone Sony 2013-03-19 BD US
S.W.A.T.: Under Siege Sony 2017-08-01 BD US
Saban’s Power Rangers Lionsgate 2017-06-27 BD US
Safety Not Guaranteed Sony 2012-10-30 BD US
Saint Laurent Sony 2015-09-22 BD US
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Sony 2012-07-17 BD US
Salt (2010) Sony 2010-12-21 BD US
Salt of the Earth, The Sony 2015-07-14 BD US
Sausage Party Sony 2016-11-08 BD US
Searching for Sugar Man Sony 2013-01-22 BD US
Secret Life Of Pets, The Universal 2016-12-06 BD, DVD US, LA
Separation, A Sony 2012-08-21 BD US
Seven Psychopaths Sony 2013-01-29 BD US
Sex Tape Sony 2014-10-21 BD US
Shack, The Lionsgate 2017-05-30 BD US
Shallows, The Sony 2016-09-27 BD US
Sicario Lionsgate 2016-01-05 BD, DVD US
Sing Universal 2017-03-21 BD, DVD US, LA
Single Shot, A Sony 2014-09-17 BD US
Sisters Universal 2016-03-15 BD US, LA
Skin I Live In, The Sony 2012-03-06 BD US
Small Apartments Sony 2013-04-16 BD US
Smashed Sony 2013-03-12 BD US
Smurfs 2, The Sony 2013-12-03 BD, 3D BD US
Smurfs, The Sony 2011-12-02 BD, 3D BD US
Smurfs: The Lost Village Sony 2017-07-11 BD US
Social Network, The Sony 2011-01-11 BD US
Son of Saul Sony 2016-04-26 BD US
Sparkle Sony 2012-11-30 BD US
Spotlight Sony 2016-05-05 BD US
Stalingrad (2013) Sony 2014-05-13 BD, 3D BD US
Starship Troopers: Invasion Sony 2012-08-28 BD US
Steve Jobs Universal 2016-02-16 BD, DVD US, LA
Still Alice Sony 2015-05-12 BD US
Straight Outta Compton Universal 2016-01-19 BD, DVD US
Street Cat Named Bob, A Sony 2017-02-27 BD US
T2 Trainspotting Sony 2017-06-05 BD US
Take Shelter Sony 2012-02-14 BD US
Takers Sony 2011-01-18 BD, DVD US
Ted 2 (Rated & Unrated) Universal 2015-12-15 BD, DVD US
Testament Of Youth Sony 2015-10-20 BD US
That Awkward Moment Sony 2014-05-13 BD US
That’s My Boy Sony 2012-10-16 BD US
Thing, The (2011) Universal 2012-01-31 BD US
Think Like a Man Sony 2012-08-21 BD US
Think Like a Man Too Sony 2014-09-16 BD US
Third Person Sony 2014-09-30 BD US
This Is The End Sony 2013-10-01 BD US
Tim’s Vermeer Sony 2014-06-10 BD US
To Do List, The Sony 2013-11-19 BD US
To Rome with Love Sony 2013-01-15 BD US
Total Recall (2012) Sony 2012-12-18 BD US
Tourist, The Sony 2011-03-22 BD, DVD US
Trainwreck Universal 2015-11-10 BD, DVD US, LA
Triple 9 Sony 2016-05-31 BD US
Truth Sony 2016-02-02 BD US
Tusk (2014) Sony 2015-01-20 BD US
Unbroken Universal 2015-03-24 BD, DVD US
Underworld: Awakening Sony 2012-05-08 BD, 3D BD US
Underworld: Blood Wars Sony 2017-04-25 BD US
Unfriended Universal 2015-08-11 BD, DVD US
Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning Sony 2013-01-22 BD US
Visit, The Universal 2016-01-05 BD, DVD US
Vow, The Sony 2012-05-08 BD US
Wadjda Sony 2014-02-11 BD US
Walk, The Sony 2016-01-05 BD US
War Room Sony 2015-12-22 BD US
Wedding Ringer, The Sony 2015-04-28 BD US
West Of Memphis Sony 2013-08-06 BD US
What If (2013) Sony 2014-11-25 BD US
When the Bough Breaks Sony 2016-12-27 BD US
When the Game Stands Tall Sony 2014-12-09 BD US
Where Do We Go Now? Sony 2012-09-11 BD US
Whiplash Sony 2015-02-24 BD US
White House Down Sony 2013-11-05 BD US
Wild Life, The Lionsgate 2016-11-29 BD, DVD US
Wild Tales Sony 2015-06-16 BD US
Wolf Totem Sony 2015-12-15 BD US
Woman in Black, The (2012) Sony 2012-05-22 BD US
Woodlawn Sony 2016-01-19 BD US
Words, The Sony 2012-12-24 BD US
Wrath of the Titans Warner 2012-06-26 BD, 3D BD, DVD US
Zero Dark Thirty Sony 2013-03-19 BD US
Zero Theorem, The Sony 2014-07-21 BD US
Zookeeper Sony 2011-10-11 BD, DVD US

***maybe*** are affected as well:
non-US or LA titles
non-English tracks
titles present on the list on BD but not on DVD

If you are aware of other titles, please post them here!

EDIT: download CinDe, the free Cinavia detector - it adds powershell commands, so just right click on the file you want to check, and press "Scan for Cinavia" - https://s3.amazonaws.com/CinExh/Trial/cindesetup_3.exe
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Wasn't the Star Wars BD Saga release Cinavia protected?  I thought I saw the logo on the back of the packaging.
(2017-07-31, 02:46 PM)dvdboy Wrote: Wasn't the Star Wars BD Saga release Cinavia protected?  I thought I saw the logo on the back of the packaging.

No logo onto my copy...
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog

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