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Die Hard 2 35mm Trailer Regrade (35 Project #1)
(Today, 06:20 AM)CSchmidlapp Wrote: Great point.
And well worth exploring Smile

But don't quote me on that, I could be way off on that theory.

(9 hours ago)Beber Wrote: PDB, you can reduce the pink skintone on McClane in the police van, increase saturation so that the back "wall" looks more greenish gray. In the precinct, after coming back from Harlem, you can add more brown to his skintone, especially on the wider shot that still looks too pink and you can add a touch of gold so that Zeus glows with that increasing browns. Also, not a scene that you have shown us yet, but I recall the scene inside the Feds' van when the agents show McClane and Zeus pictures of Targo and Peter Krieg. You have a panning shot from McClane to Zeus shaking their heads to answer "no": that panning shot doesn't show a pink guy, then a brown guy. It shows 2 shades of brown skintones, Zeus being far more brown obviously and McClane being dirty after the subway bombing.

It would be interesting to see how it'd look with your instinct of balancing the whites.

I can try some of that. Saturation is simple, skintones are harder but I have so LUTs I want to try. Getting rid of more pink means going greener (opposite on the color wheel) but I think I can take care of it in the highlights, so hopefully won't change the picture too much. Let me try a few tests.

At a certain there will have to be a bit of compromise since its going to have to be one color correction for most of the film.

I only encoded a test file up to the precinct conversation (Lag-AVI) since I didn't want to waste hard drive space if I couldn't get close to your description. If the next few tests go well, I'll encode the whole movie (although I should finish the audio sync on DH2 first Smile )
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