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Ok I made it here eventually..
Hi All,

nice to see some good projects happening here!

I will chip in if I have something to offer from opinion to help.

I will be posting a project of my own here and I hope you can enjoy that and I may also need your advice help and opinions in return.

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Welcome, at last! Ok

Hope to see your project posted here ASAP, because I like it, and I'm pretty sure others would think the same.
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
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Hello and welcome Big Grin
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
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New, low or non-posting members: Please do not post or PM me asking where to get something or what the current status of a project is. Such requests are ignored. Instead, stick around and become a participating member. Thank you.

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