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Alien Covenant regrade

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Just a heads up guys; I just viewed the Alien: Covenant blu-ray, and can confirm the colour grading differs from the theatrical release; the blu-ray has that blanket green tint that Fox loves so much.. it wasn't too obvious at first until the night scenes, which (as I'm sure others here who saw it in cinemas recall) should be a really dark blue with deep blacks, but now is noticeably green. Also, the scenes in David's layer used to have very vibrant flames, but they are more muted on blu-ray (the scene now look more like the Alien 3 blu-ray, a sort of soft brown) i think applying the same fix as the done in the Aliens and Alien 3 fundamental regrades would put it where it needs to be :-) Beyond that the picture is nice - and the CGI doesn't seem to leap out at you and slap you in face like it did on the big screen/is much more forgivable and enjoyable :-) **update** A friend over at one of our video groups also noticed the issues I've listed above and has confirmed the blanket green and muted tones in the UHD 4K release as well.
Strange, as I've noted that the BD is less green than IPTV Korean version! Happy Well, maybe the IPTV was even more greener due to different color matrix.

The BD has that green blanket, but nowhere near some other late Hollywood flicks (two examples, Wonder Woman, but in particular The Mummy).
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