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Gladiator - uncut version

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Something that would be interesting to do but It's something I am not sure it would be possible.

Basically the signature series 2 disc edition has a special feature on the disc that has the MPAA cut's which were dropped for the original cut rather than have a I think perhaps 18 Rating (UK).

When the extended version was released the violence cut's were not re-instated and people were left scratching there heads a bit on why not?

The footage on the DVD in the "Treasure Chest" does have some really fantastic shots in it and it's not all violence related some of it is simple cut down for time or other reason but it has a overlay of very thin vertical lines. At least it does on the UK edition....

I am wondering if the footage can be found without the vertical lines or a way to possibly remove them? 

Found Some here without the Vertical lines... This has his son being actually run over by the horse and the cut's to the first battle to tone the film down.


But the UK edition has some of the more graphic footage from the Gladiator Rings in Africa... And from memory perhaps a bit more.


I also found this video?


^ this is actually a joke video but this is the part with the most graphic footage cut for censorship Including the impalement at the end of this battle. The Hand being cut off I can't remember if that is there or not, also after the fight a guy comes around crushing people heads to make sure they are dead. And a Vulture is also pecking at a dead body also.

Basically I think it would be quite cool to actually do an unrated cut of the film.

Anyone Game for it?
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Interesting found... I thought the extended edition had all the deleted scenes reinserted... I wonder if the missing ones could be found in HD somewhere.
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I don't know if the "treasure chest" was ported entirely to BD because I don't have this on Blu ray but I have 2 copies of the signature edition because I thought it was a problem with the disc I had but I think they did it for reasons... But It seems some of the footage looks available at least without the vertical lines.

Looks like it (Vertical Lines) was done in AVID or something at a guess.

The extended DVD version does not have the 7 minute clip of outs and trims only the 2 disc theatrical to my knowledge...

Another point of Contention was the differing quality between the theatrical footage and some of the extended footage. Probably fixed by now?

Basically even a decent SD upscale would be still something if the footage can be found without the lines in the UK version.

There is also an extended Introduction If I recall of a map of the Roman empire.
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Can you post some examples of those shots affected by "vertical lines"?
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I think these we're render's off the editors 'Avid' timeline.
Back then they would have been low quality scans of the negative for editing purposes before the negative was cut.
I doubt there will be any better quality versions available in terms of resolution.
Although there may be some funny's introduced in the NTSC to PAL conversion, have you had a look at the R1 disc?
I think that might be where the version without the lines might be on the region 1 disc... but some scenes are not that bad it's not so noticeable on all the footage perhaps even absent from some of it looking again now...but it is there on some of it. After just watching again now there is a couple more censorship cuts.

Lion being fed by Oliver Reed Rips bit of meat apart.
Dead Body Dragged out of Arena
Delirious "Maximus" rotten arm
Ralph Moller Uncensored death by arrows.

Do you think anything could be done to even match this footage to a  decent SD source?

[Image: a7z1mdh76udde4uzg.jpg]

[Image: wf39rs20ys0aahizg.jpg]
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Maybe the R1 version has not this problem (if it exists); but **maybe** it's possible to solve it...

If you send me an untouched clip, I'll try.
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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There is a Region 1 DVD also with this special feature on it.

Also the Christians being fed to the lions is another deleted scene cut for censorship. Amongst somone covorting in a bath tub briefly. It's all on the DVD.

Calling for anyone who has the region 1 version of the disc to help on this...
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I know it's old topic but where can I find these scenes and footage montage?
As been said it's not on "extended ediotion" (i've got that version). On net I found just "feed the lions" scene.
deleted scenes on the R1 DVD

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