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Film Lovers and Video Editing the End Goal

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Just thought I would start a thread about why YOU (anyone) does this sort of thing with video editing or want to learn or improve video?

I myself personally want to slip into something in my later years that is not physically demanding. We all Love film and so on but what is your end goal?

Do you simply just wish to learn stuff or are you driven by just simply wanting to see a film like how you remember it?

I am asking an honest question about personal motivation and what YOU want out of doing what you are doing and why?

Do you want to land a job?

Do you already have a job in Video or the film industry and feel that some things simply are not good enough?

It's a basic question and I would like you to bare all, well not get naked or anything I just want you to say why are you doing what you are doing if there is any other reason other than simply I just want it to be right! / or better in terms of doing work on something for nothing....
The answer to all of your questions is yes. Though I don't currently work in the industry I have a number of contacts in addition to a useless film degree and have waaaaaaay too much of this stuff floating around in my head all the time. Wink
Things have never been good enough as those in charge simply do not care. The more we do the more I realize virtually nothing is perfect and there is such an active disregard to the material by many who get paid to this work officially.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
Cool Yeah agreed churn out make money cash cow... Forget about being historically important works of art...

Was there ever a Mona Lisa Film??

Nah she is smiling too much... Smile

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