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Adywan's Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back REVISITED!
First of all let me start by saying that I think the work done on this version is astonishing. Truly remarkable and very fun to watch and appreciate.

I thought a lot about it last night after watching and I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter what I think or anyone, this is his Empire and i couldn't be happier for him being able to complete a technical marvel like this.

Personally, if I watch Empire it wouldn't be my go to as I still prefer the original. I just got my Special Collection Japanese Laserdisc Empire Strikes Back and I'm a little in love with it.

Doesn't mean that I'm not gonna put it on Adywan's now and watch again though! Hehe

Thank you Adywan
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Let's say that Adywan's version it the "right" Special Edition!
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I wonder if it will inspire anyone else to 'do an Adywan'?
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(2017-08-16, 11:30 PM)zoidberg Wrote: I wonder if it will inspire anyone else to 'do an Adywan'?

Any title in mind?

He made a such great job that I'm pretty sure nobody would be able to even try to do what he has done... can't think someone else would be so brave to convince his own wife to wear a Wampa (or other creature) costume, for the sake of the project! Happy
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I wasn't talking particularly about Star Wars, I'm sure we've all got films we love dearly but 'if I could fix one thing'...perhaps a wonky effects composite or bad CGI, maybe continuity gaffes, the list goes on...
I think that any such fix should be called 'doing an Adywan'.
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(2017-08-17, 12:27 AM)zoidberg Wrote: I think that any such fix should be called 'doing an Adywan'.

Oh, I got the point now. But, again, it should include more than an added CGI shot to be called like that, IMHO! Wink

I would be happy to watch any "a-la-Adywan" project!
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TBH I can't think of a single film that I would want to completely overhaul in the way Adywan is reworking the SW films.
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I'm hugely torn on this.

I want to watch the video, but I also want to wait for the Blu-ray and experience it with all the other materials on the disc.

I'll keep wavering between the two ideas, probably until I decide that I could watch it at least TWICE.
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ADYWAN  ...  WOW ! !
MIND   [Image: mind_blown.gif]   BLOWN

Lucas Films Disney will see you now (we loved your resumé) . . .
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