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I'm very grateful to join this forum! 

If any of you are visitors to Quadraphonic Quad, I'm the same Inquadwetrust that very occasionally posts over there. 

I've been doing my own preservations and restorations as a hobby for about a year now and have spent a lot of time testing various acquisition work flows for Laserdisc capture in my home set up. I'm not coming from a traditional capture card angle as thanks to a broadcast industry friend I have been able to loan stand alone encoders and broadcast IO cards as well as frame syncs that offer a number of other features. I've also bought some legacy devices that have also added other ways to enhance the capture process. I'd be really interested to discuss the methods I have used and I'm happy to post pics and discuss settings. This is most of the gear that I have or can borrow:

AJA Ki Pro Rack SD/HD UDC ProRes 422 recorder
AJA Ki Pro Ultra HD/2K/UHD/4K ProRes 444 recorder
AJA Io4K - allows capture of SD ProRes 444 and 444 XQ also DPX/TIFF and others
AJA FS1-X - up/down/cross scaler frame sync with detelecine
Leitch DPS-475
Oppo-105D (benchmark player for output, also used for in-line capture process comparison)
Involve Surround Master (4.0 dolby surround decode)
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (1:1 audio capture)
Sony EP9ES - AC3 RF convertor 
KUMO SDI router for signal management
Star Wars ANH LD Technidisc corrected pressing X 3 (used as a benchmark for anything new)
Star Wars ANH LD CAV 77' audio (another one I have seen so many times I use it with anything new)
Video Essentials LD
A Video Standard LD
Video Essentials DVD x 2
Spears and Munsil HD Benchmark Bluray
Sony BVM-A24E1W HRTrinitron 16:9 HD-SDI monitor - calibrated (does 1080i48 for 23.98/24 IVTC QA)
Sony Analog CRT HRTrinitron monitors - 1 x 16:9, 1 x 4:3 
CLD-97 (waiting to be repaired)
Panasonic DMR-E20 DVD Recorder (used as TBC for LD-S1)
LD-S9 (waiting to be repaired)
JVC 46" Calibrated LCD for HDMI QA
Epson Home Cinema 2000 Calibrated for QA at 7 feet diagonal

All discussions welcome and thank you again for letting me join this forum  Smile
Wow, a lot of stuff!!!

Welcome to the forum.
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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(2017-08-21, 10:10 PM)spoRv Wrote: Wow, a lot of stuff!!!

Welcome to the forum.

Thank you! I've read a lot of posts here that were really helpful to me in the past and would like to return the favor, if required.

Happy to chat about anything anyone would like to know and I can provide frame grabs of various signal chains from pretty much most of the main LD stuff that this forum discusses. Specialist subjects would be The Abyss LDs, all ALIEN LDs, all Indiana Jones LDs, all 2001 LDs, all Apocalypse Now LDs, all Poltergeist LDs, all '...Of The Dead' LDs, all Jurassic Park LDs and of course, like everyone in the LD world, every Star Wars LD imaginable.

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