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"Se7en" color timing
OK, so yesterday I went to my 6th 35mm screening of Se7en since last summer, and it was the same kind of print, maybe even the exact same copy. So, no fresh news about what it looks like.
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There were so few SR prints that you won't see one if you saw it daily unfortunately
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I just received the Italian Blu Ray, some shots to follow

(2017-08-24, 09:11 PM)Beber Wrote: I don't have the Italian release. Maybe an Italian member here has it and wants to share. From what I see in the link you provided, the David and Tracy scene in bed in the beginning is too bright, but the brownish look is better than the others it's compared with.

[Image: 738027IMG2428.jpg]

The shot of Somerset sitting at his desk talking to the captain might be better in the Italian release because it's the coolest. For this one, my picture doesn't actually give justice to what my eyes actually saw projected. It wasn't that green. But the whole scene is definitely cold.

[Image: 207495IMG2674.jpg]

Tracy meeting Somerset is totally wrong in the Italian release. The whole shot looks very pale. The better match would be the NewLine/Criterion.

[Image: 820660IMG2914.jpg]

And finally, the ending at dusk is completely off in the Italian release because it's not at all color timed to look like it's dusk, 7:00 PM. Sadly, my iPhone failed to render properly the yellow in the sky that gives the dusk feel to the scene.

[Image: 371642IMG4813.jpg]
[Image: 581271IMG4814.jpg]
[Image: 437896IMG4815.jpg]
[Image: 519823IMG4818.jpg]
[Image: 212338IMG4824.jpg]
[Image: 974653IMG4834.jpg]
[Image: 443433IMG4845.jpg]
[Image: 655819IMG4852.jpg]

From Italian Blu Ray
[Image: screenshot006.png]
[Image: screenshot020.png]
[Image: screenshot016.png]
[Image: screenshot008.png]
[Image: screenshot013.png]
[Image: screenshot9.png]
[Image: screenshot018.png]
[Image: screenshot019.png]
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
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The last picture of the captain is pretty good for the coldness of the cyan green background but he has a pinkish skitone that doesn't look right. The rest is not like my experience of the 35mm.
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I'm not surprised at all. Judging from this article, the only way to get a cinema look is to find and scan an actual 35mm copy. And even then, the first-run showings were different from the second-run showings! There's a good chance that you might have seen a copy from the second-run showings which was bleach-passed again.
[Image: Seven-transfers-family-tree-2.png]

The Italian blu ray can be an excellent starting point for any color regrade though. It keeps the grain and has the least color correction applied.
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
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I dig up an old thread just to add a link to caps-a-holic, I sent the owner the screengrabs from my Italian BR to add to their archive
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
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I have the New Line platinum DVD, knowing the color has been fiddled with over the years. It’s seems no one can recreate the CCE process properly. (Not even WB with their Blu-Ray.)
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