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[proposal/request] 35mm scan of German animated movie "Felidae"

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This is one of my favorite animated movies but it was only ever released on DVD.

It's kind of a very adult and bloody thriller thing, but the protagonist is a cat.

Doesn't look like the company that produced it is still in business either, so a Blu Ray release at any point is rather improbable. I think there may be some 35mm prints out there, at least for rental. Would be nice to have this movie in HD. 

I don't really have any money nor scanning equipment, but maybe someone else can and wants to look into this.
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I remember somebody contacted me years ago because wanted a hand with adapting its subtitles to Italian since it was never dubbed here, that's how I got to know this film. It has a small but affectionate following of fans. Was it ever released in cinemas in Germany? Because I always got the impression that it was a TV production and unless the producers release it from a new HD master I'm afraid DVD is all there is.
Yup, it's probably kind of a niche, but I am very fond of the movie. I feel it deserves a HD version.

The movie was done on 35mm, as you can see on this page: http://www.filmportal.de/film/felidae_05...071ad47773

Click on "Fassungen" and you can see the data:
Länge: 2231 m, 81 min (length, in meters and minutes)
Format: 35mm, 1:1,85
Bild/Ton: Farbe (color), Dolby Stereo

This page shows the 35mm is (or at least was) available from "Senator Filmverleih":

I didn't bother to contact them because it's useless to me without an ability to scan it anyway. Hence why I posted here. Would need someone with the equipment who can rent it and do a quick scan.
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Scanning 35mm is a costly operation for one or for a very small group of individuals because nobody on the forum personally owns a scanning equipment, so it might be difficult to convince a lot of people to join in to save a niche film like Felidae, which I agree it deserves an HD release but if it's in the hands of Germans, I trust that they are storing it in the best way possible and perhaps one day will see the light of day on Blu Ray.
Ah, that's too bad. I somehow assumed it was a more common practice. Okay then, let's just leave it at that.
I wish it was more common practice. Maybe in some years there will be more "home scanners" all around the globe but right now any scanning job has to go through professionals and the cost of each project can easily reach at least 1000 euro per film, often a whole lot more. That's why "smaller" films tend to be ignored by film preservation communities, not because of lack of interest but because when money have to be spent one is necessarily forced to give priority to certain titles and ignore others.
I think I speak for all when I say that nobody would like to leave ANY film behind, but none of us is wealthy (that I know of!) to just rent and scan whichever title. I have a positive outlook on the future though, there are members who are active in lowering the cost of scanning and in designing "affordable" home scanning set-ups. If some films get left behind today, they might still be saved in a not too distant future.
Well, I even have a 35mm scanner at home, but it's for still images. I made a calculation of how long it would take me to hand-scan it with that, if I worked non-stop. About 2 years. And that would mean me not eating, not going to the toilet or anything lol.

1000 EUR is acceptable imo, but the problem is likely that most people who offer these services will not participate in something that is legally a grey area. I once wanted to digitize an LP and the guy literally send me a pamphlet about how he would watermark it and give it a certificate that only I am allowed to use and blah blah blah. So the hardest part imo wouldn't be finding the money, but finding someone who will do it without making a big deal out of it.
If you're ready to pay 1000 euro to save Felidae I'll find you someone who can scan it professinally without any watermark etc, don't worry about it ahah ;D
Will that someone also go through all the trouble of acquiring the rental movie reels? Cause I don't think they just give them to anyone.

If so, I might consider saving up for that someday.
I don't know what's their policy on film rental (and how long you can rent for) but you can always enquire about renting to individuals for private projections, if they do then you know what to save up for. But if their rental service is limited to institutions and film clubs then I'm afraid we can't do much about it.

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