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Am I crazy for using HDCRT still?

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I use a beautiful Sony XBR960 HDCRT which is somewhere around 1450x1080i. It can't do 24p nor 1080p. Everything else autoscales to 1080i, but the SD comb filter is truly amazing and all SD looks wonderful. The blacks are absolutely pitch due to the SFP tube. Color is deep and wonderful. It does have annoying phosphor trails from phosphor lag.

So am I nuts for still using this as my main monitor? I've never found anything affordable to beat it despite the age and its downsides. I'd love a high end plasma but they are hard to come by still in good shape.

I'd like to have something to do 1080p 24p to get the absolute best out of BD but have no idea what really compares.
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If you are lucky enough, you can spot an used Pioneer Kuro (only "real" ones, like 500 or 5090) that should be affordable, and get a 50' which is a huge step in dimension from a "mere"... 36' IIRC.

This will be the best option price/quality ratio. Another good one could be a FALD LED set - blacks are really black, more than plasma and on par with OLEDs, perfect as monitors (I used one for five years, and now the actual one since few months) but they suffer of blooming, so pick your poison. I'd stay away from "simple" LEDs; OLEDs are very good still quite expensive.
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I think it's awesome you are still rocking the HDCRT, captain. Hell after the conversation we had in the Road Warrior thread, I'd love to get one myself, although not as my main TV.

I guess it all depends on what you are looking for. Your CRT is a good mid-step between the world of SD and HD being able to do both. I know you are a LD fan and frankly LD require a lot of work to look somewhat decent in the HD realm. I myself use to run LDs through my DVD recorder comb filter then into my DVDO scaler just to get an ok picture. With your CRT its probably going to look good from the start. Also although soft, HD looks pretty good on a CRT given the better black level. When they poll people for what they think is the most important picture quality, it's always black level. Over resolution, color, etc. So you got that over say a LCD.

So the big disadvantage outside of the 24fps is size and resolution. You can get a 75 inch 4K TV for under $2K and maybe even big screen with a $1K 1080p projector. And some movies just play better bigger. And of course there is the move to 4K with WCG and HDR, something I'm rather happy with right now.

Honestly, if I were you I would just wait for cheaper OLEDs. They are coming, it's just going to take a year or two. I've watch the 55 inch OLEDs go from $4000 to $2500 in just a few years, in a few more, it might be there...You want something better then what you have, since OLEDs have the blacks all the rest is gravy.
Absolutely. With LD I doubt it gets any better. It's a tad soft but good transfers look amazing due to the Sony wizardry after I figured out how to fine tune the auto DRC. DVD looks quite good using the upscaling in the PS3 and BD looks great despite me knowing I'm not getting the full benefits of 1080p/24fps. If you find one-do it! They're downright magical, and so fricking cheap. The only trouble is calibration which is hard work.
I was convinced finally that maybe the HD factor on the 960 was pretty comparable when looking at the new restorations of Spartacus and My Fair Lady because all their luster was still present and the color/black level was staggering. Of course it may help that I've put a full 7.1 system around this silver beast.

If I can find a cheap Panasonic late plasma locally I'd do it, but seeing as those are hard to come by and usually in need of repair I think my other option would be a refurbed projector short of an OLED when they finally come down in price.
Nice to know I'm not deemed nuts. If I had asked this on any AV forum I'd probably be laughed out of the place-despite the fact that this set still looks amazing to this day in spite of its flaws. I certainly haven't found any regular panel that matches its filmic quality, and when I set up my dad's midrange 4K non-HDR LG set I literally told him that I'm glad you got this on such a huge sale. Thankfully he's not at all interested in PQ because that thing is just a huge waste. (Almost as much as the 100" Sharp pro model LCD panel I used to have to setup..now there was an impressive piece of junk.)

I'm leaning towards finally going the projector route as Epson has a number of models available refurbed for under $500 with good specs. It's been a while but I'm pretty sure DLP rainbowing does affect me, but I'd be curious about advice for doing projection on the cheap.
And yes I've even considered going full on mad and doing CRT projection. But that's a whole other ballgame in and of itself.
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(2017-09-07, 02:28 AM)captainsolo Wrote: And yes I've even considered going full on mad and doing CRT projection. But that's a whole other ballgame in and of itself.

It's a brave man that takes on CRT projection in this day and age! There was a time when I was tempted to go the CRT route but the amount of upkeep required is just too much FWIW. Plus along with LD players the spares/good running units are dwindling. I would imagine a laserdisc player coupled with a CRT projector would be a match made in heaven though.

I don't think we ever got HD tube sets in the UK, I think the best we got was progressive scan SD. HDTV came so late in the day here that flat panels had already toppled CRT.

I say if you're enjoying your HDCRT then keep on rocking. It's certainly an interesting time for home theatre with new tech and some 'disruptive' tech on the way, it's certainly worthwhile keeping tabs of what's what. At least things have settled down now that HDMI 2.2 is established (unfortunately leaving lots of folk with somewhat compromised 4K displays). If you're interested in front projection on the cheap, then yes there are lots of options, it's just a case of knowing the limitations of each tech.
CRT projection is insane. (and awesome if you can get it installed)
Yeah I'm thinking about finally taking the plunge in the near future with a refurbed midlevel Epson 3LCD 1080p model.

If I could just get rid of the darn phosphor trails the 960 would be perfect.
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Now the nights have drawn in and it's dark early I'm really loving the JVC projector. The blacks are so inky it's insane. It's also got a surprisingly good comb filter so laserdiscs look great (although I'm sure an external processor would look even better), especially with the awesome black levels. It's as close as you'll likely to get to CRT projection in the digital world without all of the grief.
Gotta say I'm glad I no longer have CRTs. I grew up with them and they always scared me. I was always afraid that some glitch of physics might happen and the damn thing could implode while I stare into it.
I'm using a 720p optoma projected at 120" i bought for 400 $ in 2011 and it still kicks ass. don't really need 4k .

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